www.InstrumentsFunStore.com | List of Products http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ Current product information from www.InstrumentsFunStore.com en-US Copyright 2018 InstrumentsFunStore.com Tue, 18 Dec 2018 17:19:31 -0600 Behlen Stringed Instrument Lacquer, Quart http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/behlen-stringed-instrument-lacquer-quart.html Behlen Stringed Instrument Lacquer is a high quality gloss lacquer that is specifically designed for wooden stringed instruments and allows for the special expansion and contraction that can occur due to the unique construction of these instruments. This lacquer must be applied in very thin coats over Behlen Vinyl Sealer in order to insure its special film building and finish characteristics. One quart. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/behlen-stringed-instrument-lacquer-quart.html Musical Instrument Cutouts http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instrument-cutouts.html Music Decorations Spice up the Party! The musical instrument cutouts are the perfect addition to your rock and roll party decorating. No matter what your event these music note decorations will be sure to make it a hit. 15 assorted musical instruments and music note cutouts. Gold foil cutouts. Sheet of cutouts is 25" long and 17" wide. Made of cardstock. Printed on one side. Music decorations like these are perfect for school dances, Elvis or Blues Brothers parties and any "rock and roll" event. Part of Decorations > Cutouts http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instrument-cutouts.html Davis Instruments Standard Hand Bearing Compass http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/davis-instruments-standard-hand-bearing-compass.html Standard Hand Bearing Compass http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/davis-instruments-standard-hand-bearing-compass.html Meade Instruments RedTail 25 75x90 Spotting Scope w/TableTop Tripod and Case http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/meade-instruments-redtail-25-75x90-spotting-scope-w-tabletop-tripod-and-case.html RedTail Spotting Scopes from Meade were designed for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to go the distance. RedTail spotting scopes feature higher magnifications and larger objective lenses needed to view things up close. RedTail's high-quality lenses and optical coatings provide crisp resolution and image contrast. Multi-coated lenses and BaK-4 Prisms - All RedTail spotters feature high index BaK-4 prisms and high-quality, precision ground lenses that are coated with multiple layers of anti-reflection coatings to provide optical performance that is equal to, or better than any spotting scope in its class. Polycarbonate construction - All RedTail spotting scopes are manufactured from lightweight polycarbonate which reduces overall weight and makes them extremely rugged and durable. Rubber armor covered - A rugged rubber armor covering quiets down those bumps and protects your RedTail spotting scope from abrasions and damage from regular use. Waterproof, Fogproof & Nitrogen Purged - All RedTail Series spotting scopes are waterproof, fogproof, and nitrogen purged to ensure many years of performance regardless of the environment. Built-In Sliding Sunshade - Each RedTail spotting scope features a sliding sunshade that is built-in to the objective lens of the scope to further reduce glare Accessories - All RedTail spotting scopes come standard with the following high-quality accessories - hard aluminum case, soft case, tripod, and tripod case. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/meade-instruments-redtail-25-75x90-spotting-scope-w-tabletop-tripod-and-case.html 58 CORVETTE INSTRUMENT LENS SET http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/58-corvette-instrument-lens-set.html 58 CORVETTE INSTRUMENT LENS SET, INCLUDES SPEEDOMETER, TACH & CLOCK FACE WITH TACH & GAUGE LENSES http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/58-corvette-instrument-lens-set.html Janácek: Chamber Music & Orchestral Works http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/jan-cek-chamber-music-orchestral-works.html Jancek: Chamber Music & Orchestral Works http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/jan-cek-chamber-music-orchestral-works.html The Most Relaxing Cello Album in the World Ever http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/the-most-relaxing-cello-album-in-the-world-ever.html The Most Relaxing Cello Album in the World Ever http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/the-most-relaxing-cello-album-in-the-world-ever.html Chaney Instruments Acu-Rite 50378 Aged Bronze Wall Clock with Thermometer and Humidity Gauge http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instruments-acu-rite-50378-aged-bronze-wall-clock-with-thermometer-and-humidity-gauge.html An outdoor or indoor aged bronze clock that includes a thermometer, quartz close and hygrometer. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instruments-acu-rite-50378-aged-bronze-wall-clock-with-thermometer-and-humidity-gauge.html Biosig Instrument Sea Jogger WALK ON WATER http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/biosig-instrument-sea-jogger-walk-on-water.html Addressing the latest trend in fitness and recreation revolutionary Sea Jogger allows the user to exercise and relax at the same time This unique and easy to use personal water propulsion system provides no impact exercise by converting the destructive energy of impact into exercise Sea Jogger is totally portable and lightweight easy to assemble and disassemble http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/biosig-instrument-sea-jogger-walk-on-water.html Music From Ancient Rome vol.2, String Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/music-from-ancient-rome-vol.html Music From Ancient Rome vol.2, String Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/music-from-ancient-rome-vol.html Africa Works: Disorder as Political Instrument (African Issues) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/africa-works-disorder-as-political-instrument-african-issues.html How do political systems in Africa work? How are the prospects for reform and renewal in African societies affected by the emerging elites? And is "modernization" in Africa different? The authors conclude that relations of power between rulers and the ruled continue to inform the role of the state and the expectations of the newly emphasized civil society, a process they call "re-traditionalizing." http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/africa-works-disorder-as-political-instrument-african-issues.html Davis Instruments Illuminated Hand Bearing Compass http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/davis-instruments-illuminated-hand-bearing-compass.html Illuminated Hand Bearing Compass http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/davis-instruments-illuminated-hand-bearing-compass.html Musical Instruments Powerpoint Templates - Musical Instruments Powerpoint Presentation http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instruments-powerpoint-templates-musical-instruments-powerpoint-presentation.html Download Musical Instruments PowerPoint templates and make your PowerPoint presentation attractive.The Musical Instruments ppt template is just amazing.Other than this we have exclusive PowerPoint templates with a fabulous PowerPoint slides for Musical Instruments PowerPoint presentations.Each Musical Instruments ppt template is designed by professionals and every PowerPoint template is attractive.With the help of this Musical Instruments PowerPoint template you can make a good PowerPoint slide.Musical Instruments PowerPoint template is compatible on all versions of Microsoft office.Customize the PowerPoint template in the way you want.Musical Instruments ppt templates are editable PowerPoint slides. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instruments-powerpoint-templates-musical-instruments-powerpoint-presentation.html Modartt PIANOTEQ 3 Virtual Instrument Software http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/modartt-pianoteq-3-virtual-instrument-software.html After two years of intensive research in several fields acoustic models, electro-acoustic models, algorithms MODARTT created the long-awaited and much-improved version 3 of PIANOTEQ.New acoustic modelOne of the most exciting features in version 3 is the new acoustic model which simulates the sound radiation of the soundboard and the cabinet. Developed in close cooperation with demanding musicians, it brings stunning realism, clarity, and brilliance. This new acoustic model allows you to place up to 5 microphones anywhere around the piano in an additional illustrative interface. A mixer is available for combining the mics into 5 output channels, with the possibility to adjust separately level and delay.PIANOTEQ 3 offers full control of the sound source and unlimited possibilities to choose the color of the piano sound, similar to what professional audio engineers do when recording. The resulting experience is simply an amazing audio immersion. In binaural mode, for headphone usage, a head model is used for simulating the sound heard by a person located where the head is placed in the interface. The head can be rotated in any direction and even its size can be changed.New-to-the-series grand pianosThanks to MODARTT's research, they were able to build two beautiful new instruments, each with its own personality. The Grand C3 has a warm and colored sound, suitable for classical, romantic, or lyrical music. The Grand M3 has an attack and presence that will better suit jazz and rock music. Different perspectives are provided with each instrument: player, recording (4 mics in the C3 solo recording), close mic, binaural, etc. These are only a few of the many perspectives that you can create yourself by choosing your own recording settings: mics placement and mixing. Thus, any musician or producer should find the piano sound they need.The virtual piano factoryWhen building those two instruments, MODARTT took their inspiration from the very best acoustic piano http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/modartt-pianoteq-3-virtual-instrument-software.html Infinity Instruments Le Jardin Red Poppy 24-Inch Wall Clock http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/infinity-instruments-le-jardin-red-poppy-24-inch-wall-clock.html This clock features a picture of bright red poppies. Roman numerals surround the dial, black metal hands and a very accurate quartz movement. 1-AA Battery required, not included. Guaranteed by a one year manufacturer's warranty. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/infinity-instruments-le-jardin-red-poppy-24-inch-wall-clock.html Hanna Instruments HI 98509 Checktemp Thermistor Thermometer http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/hanna-instruments-hi-98509-checktemp-thermistor-thermometer.html The HI98509 Checktemp 1C Thermistor Thermometer is a high accuracy thermometer with a 1m flexible cable between the meter and the stainless steel probe. The penetration probe is perfect for fast response in liquids air, frozen and semi-solid materials. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/hanna-instruments-hi-98509-checktemp-thermistor-thermometer.html Chaney Instrument Wireless Weather Station and Clock http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-wireless-weather-station-and-clock.html Digital weather stations are gaining in popularity and the information reported by this unit is endless! The easy to read LCD displays the month, day and date as well as indoor and outdoor temperature - you decide if the temperature is shown in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Temperature trend information is also available as is minimum and maximum temperature memory. This unit reports the time via radio controlled clock technology to ensure accuracy. It also features an alarm, snooze and backlight. This wireless weather station come comes with one remote temperature sensor but is capable of reading up to 3 remote sensors. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-wireless-weather-station-and-clock.html Davis Instruments Windex 15 Suspension Bearing http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/davis-instruments-windex-15-suspension-bearing.html Windex 15. The 15" (38.1cm) vane can be through bolted or tapped into the masthead. The mounting socket has a 5/16"18 thread. The entire unit weighs only 3.9 ounces (111 g). Features spike above vane to keep birds off your mast. Sapphire suspension system and reflector tabs on the bottom surfaces make Windex 15 highly sensitive and visible even at night! http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/davis-instruments-windex-15-suspension-bearing.html MOTU Symphonic Instrument Plug-In http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/motu-symphonic-instrument-plug-in.html Finally, one simple-to-use instrument that contains everything you need to create complete orchestral recordings. From solo instruments and small ensembles to full orchestral masterpieces, Symphonic delivers. Start with a massive 8GB library of brand new sounds from world class orchestras and musicians, recorded with pristine audio fidelity and careful attention to detail. Quality and variety abound. Now add a simple, easy to understand, single-window interface to personalize your instruments. Adjust your sound quickly and intuitively. There are no hidden screens, obscure menus or "helper applications" to launch. To further enhance the stunning realism of your compositions, Symphonic includes a built-in convolution reverb processor to produce the most realistic room ambiences available. No disappointing synthetic reverb sounds here. Use authentic acoustic spaces, from orchestra sound stages to renowned concert halls to majestic cathedrals. Symphonic is a CPU-efficient plug-in that saves your host application document for instant recall. There are no session settings or configuration files - nothing could be easier! Compatible with all major plug-in formats for OSX and Windows (VST, AU, DXi, MAS and RTAS). http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/motu-symphonic-instrument-plug-in.html Guided Flight Discover Instrument Commercial Video Series http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/guided-flight-discover-instrument-commercial-video-series.html The GFD Instrument/Commercial Integrated Ground School on three DVD is a great resource for students and instructors alike. These DVDs contain 10 hours of informative and entertaining video that augment the written materials by providing visual reinforcement on a variety of topics. Each DVD series features a menu that gives you the option of choosing the lesson topic. The state-of-the-art graphics, animation, and aerial photography helps students master complex concepts such as the principles of instrument flight, instrument charts, meteorology, advanced systems and much more. This is a great supplement to GFD Instrument/Commercial Textbook! http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/guided-flight-discover-instrument-commercial-video-series.html Monster S100-I-6 Standard 100 1/4-Inch Instrument Cable (6 Feet) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/monster-s100-i-6-standard-100-1-4-inch-instrument-cable-6-feet.html 6 ft. - straight 1/4 plugs http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/monster-s100-i-6-standard-100-1-4-inch-instrument-cable-6-feet.html Make Me An Instrument (II Tuo Strumento) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/make-me-an-instrument-ii-tuo-strumento.html Make Me An Instrument (II Tuo Strumento) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/make-me-an-instrument-ii-tuo-strumento.html Musical Instruments Pop Candy Molds http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instruments-pop-candy-molds.html 3 cavity mold uses a 6 inch stick, I brush the pieces with Aztec gold luster dust on white Merckens coatings for a brass effect. All products are available on this site.<br>This is a chocolate mold, will not withstand high heat and is not dishwasher safe. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instruments-pop-candy-molds.html Chavez - Toccata For Percussion Instruments - II. Largo http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chavez-toccata-for-percussion-instruments-ii.html Chavez - Toccata For Percussion Instruments - II. Largo http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chavez-toccata-for-percussion-instruments-ii.html 55-57 CORVETTE INSTRUMENT LENS SET http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/55-57-corvette-instrument-lens-set.html 55-57 CORVETTE INSTRUMENT LENS SET, INCLUDES SPEEDOMETER, TACH & CLOCK FACE WITH TACH, GAUGE & CLOCK LENSES http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/55-57-corvette-instrument-lens-set.html Weems & Plath Instrument Single Clock Base http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/weems-plath-instrument-single-clock-base.html Dims: 4 x 9-1/2. Wt. 1 lb. 5 oz. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/weems-plath-instrument-single-clock-base.html Chaney Instrument Sure Grip Digital Burger Thermometer http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-sure-grip-digital-burger-thermometer.html Sure Grip Digital burger thermometer with soft touch sure grip handle and 8" stainless steel probe with custom tip. Fahrenheit/Celsius selectable. Shatterproof crystal lens. Easy to read LCD display with auto-off to conserve battery life. 1 AA battery included. Patented design. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-sure-grip-digital-burger-thermometer.html Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS 2-Line Scientific Calculator [Rare Blue Color] http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ti-30x-iis-2-line-scientific-calculator-rare-blue-color.html New 2-line display. Dual power:solor and battery. View entry abd results at the same time. Edit current entry. Edit and view previous entries. Menus with functions and mode settings. Five variable memories. One and two variable statistics, results, for linear tegression, trendline. Fractions and fraction/decimal conversions. Trigonometric functions in degrees and radians. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ti-30x-iis-2-line-scientific-calculator-rare-blue-color.html Musical Instrument Metal Singing Bowl 5 And One Half Inch D Tap Wood Mallet Sound Effects SFX EFX Sounds http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instrument-metal-singing-bowl-5-and-one-half-inch-d-tap-wood-mallet-sound-effects-sfx-efx-sounds.html Musical Instrument Metal Singing Bowl 5 And One Half Inch D Tap Wood Mallet Sound Effects SFX EFX Sounds http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instrument-metal-singing-bowl-5-and-one-half-inch-d-tap-wood-mallet-sound-effects-sfx-efx-sounds.html TIF Instruments TIF8800A Combustible Gas Detector With Visual Leak Size Indicators http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/tif-instruments-tif8800a-combustible-gas-detector-with-visual-leak-size-indicators.html The TIF8800A detectors are MSHA approved and UL Classified. The unique flexible 15 inch stainless probe allows you to access hard to reach places. All feature automatic warm-up and are ideal for a tremendous range of uses and are invaluable for safety in many applications. Instantaneous response and detects dangerous explosive gases. Used in almost any situation where combustible gasses, vapor or residues need to be found. Applications include gas lines and pipes, aids in identifying heat exchanger leaks and hazardous living and working environments. It has an adjustable sensitivity with an audible Geiger counter inch type signal. This is not an effective Carbon Monoxide detector http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/tif-instruments-tif8800a-combustible-gas-detector-with-visual-leak-size-indicators.html Musical Instruments Religious 100% SILK Neck Tie. Men's NeckTie. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instruments-religious-100-silk-neck-tie-men-s-necktie.html 100% SILK music appreciation tie with religious phrases. Antonio Ricci Couture NeckTie. This is a great music lovers neck tie with a pattern of violins, cellos, horns, basses, saxaphones, butterflies, keyboard, and music notes all over with a light green background. In addition, it has phrases such as, "how great thou art", "worship", "amazing grace...", and "praise". This is perfect to wear around the holidays during this festive season. Adefinite conversation piece.<p>This is a standard length men's tie which is 56 inches long and 4 inches wide at the bottom.</p> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instruments-religious-100-silk-neck-tie-men-s-necktie.html 4" Protractor Plastic - CHL77104 Charles Leonard Drawing Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/4-protractor-plastic-chl77104-charles-leonard-drawing-instruments.html 4" Protractor Plastic http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/4-protractor-plastic-chl77104-charles-leonard-drawing-instruments.html Porcelain Angel Musical Lg Waterglobe-Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/porcelain-angel-musical-lg-waterglobe-instruments.html Porcealin musical waterglobe features three angels playing instruments, Base reads "Angels Light the Way" accented in 14k Gold. Plays "Ave Maria" http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/porcelain-angel-musical-lg-waterglobe-instruments.html Native Instruments Alicia's Keys Virtual Piano http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/native-instruments-alicia-s-keys-virtual-piano.html With ALICIA'S KEYS, Native Instruments has unlocked the door to the R&B chanteuse's studio. The rich piano samples included in this sound library were created from her own playing, recorded in her personal studio in collaboration with her trusted engineer, Ann Mincieli. Together with Mincieli, Danish sample specialist Thomas Skarbye (also known by his company name Scarbee) and impulse response expert Ernest Cholakis, Alicia Keys has created a virtual piano that embodies the soulful, passionate sound that's become her trademark. Add this virtual piano to your studio and Alicia's distinguished playing will grace your next composition.ALICIA's KEYS' instrument samples come from the artist's very own Yamaha C3 Neo grand piano. This unique and hallowed instrument was built to celebrate Yamaha's 100th anniversary in 2002 and represents the very top of the Conservatory Collection line. The exquisite and unique sound of the C3 Neo were painstakingly captured by Thomas Skarbye, KONTAKT script wizard Nils Liberg, and Grammy-award winning engineer Ann Mincielimaking these exclusive Yamaha piano samples available to everyone. Using vintage microphones and preamps and through detailed analysis of Alicia's playing, the team succeeded in capturing the warm, soulful, and inspiring sound of the Yamaha C3 Neo piano all the way down to the finest nuances. Great effort was put into making the ALICIA'S KEYS virtual piano as authentic as possible. Designed with incredible precision, and incorporating subtle details such as mechanical release noises, a specially developed sympathetic resonance and release system, and even the sound of fingers hitting keys (optional), this unique virtual instrument software delivers plenty of lively realism. So much in fact, that Alicia Keys herself used it exclusively on her latest album "The Element of Freedom." http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/native-instruments-alicia-s-keys-virtual-piano.html Meade Instruments 8x24 Kestrel Waterproof Field Binocular with strap & case http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/meade-instruments-8x24-kestrel-waterproof-field-binocular-with-strap-case.html Kestrel is a new line of high-quality, high-precision field binoculars designed for the serious observer. They feature Meade's legendary optics. Kestrel also features high-grade optical glass and fully multi-coated, boradband optics which are guranteed to provide a sharp, crisp, detail-rich image. Close focus up to 6 feet make them perfect for serious birders and nature observers. They are also fogproof, waterproof, and rugged. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/meade-instruments-8x24-kestrel-waterproof-field-binocular-with-strap-case.html Clevereve's 14K White Gold Charm 3-D Musical Instruments 3.7 - Gram(s) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/clevereve-s-14k-white-gold-charm-3-d-musical-instruments-3.html Beautifully crafted Clevereve's gold jewelry is created in house. Our gold is of the finest quality, this piece is 14K gold and 3.7 grams in weight.This item takes 8-12 business days to produce.All weights are approximate and may vary slightly. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/clevereve-s-14k-white-gold-charm-3-d-musical-instruments-3.html Surgical Instruments: A Pocket Guide (Wells, Surgical Instruments) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/surgical-instruments-a-pocket-guide-wells-surgical-instruments.html <p>Make sure you can identify the many different types of surgical instruments! <b>Surgical Instruments: A Pocket Guide, 4th Edition</b> is a quick "go-to" source for information on over 160 of the most commonly used surgical instruments. Each two-page spread features full-color photos of an instrument and its tip (if applicable), and then describes how it is used, its common variations, and any alternative names. Written by Maryann Papanier Wells, this compact, durable reference is easy to keep with you at all times. With instruments alphabetized within each major instrument class, locating specific information has never been easier!</p><br><br><ul> <li><b>Two-page spreads</b> show a single instrument, its tip (if applicable), name, uses in surgery, varieties, and any alternative names.</li> <li><b>Instruments are organized alphabetically within 12 major categories</b> for quick and easy reference.</li> <li><b>Commonly used instrument sets</b> are described in the last chapter, providing everything you need in preparing for most major procedures.</li> <li><b>Instrument at-a-glance view and spiral binding</b> make this an ideal flashcard-style study tool. </li> <p></p></ul><br><br><ul> <li><b><i>Surgical Power Tools</i> chapter</b> covers drills, saws, and other basic powered devices commonly used in surgical suites. </li> <li><b><i>Minimally Invasive Surgical Instruments</i> chapter</b> includes the leading robotic system and shows the most common instrument tips used to interface with the robot.</li> <li><b>Full-color photographs</b> make it easier to distinguish between different metal-types for each instrument.</li> <li><b>Over 135 photos of instrument tips</b> help you identify the various types.</li> <li><b>A definition of instrument class</b> opens each chapter and is followed by a description of what the instruments are used for and how they are used. </li> <p></p></ul> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/surgical-instruments-a-pocket-guide-wells-surgical-instruments.html Planet Waves Classic Series Instrument Cable, 15 feet http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/planet-waves-classic-series-instrument-cable-15-feet.html Featuring our exclusive In=Out technology, Planet Waves cables offer extremely low capacitance for pure signal transparency. Classic Series cables feature nickel-plated plugs, ultra-pure, oxygen-free copper conductors, dense shielding - virtually eliminates triboelectric (handling) noise, and molded strain relief for lifelong durability. All Planet Waves cables are guaranteed for life! http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/planet-waves-classic-series-instrument-cable-15-feet.html Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ti-84-plus-graphing-calculator.html TEXTI84PLUS Preloaded with software, including Cabri Jr. interactive geometry software. Up to ten graphing functions defined, saved, graphed and analyzed at one time. Advanced functions accessed through pull-down display menus. Horizontal and vertical split screen options. I/O port for communication with other TI products. Calculator Type: Graphing; Global Product Type: Calculators; Calculator Style: N/A; Power Source(s): Battery.PRODUCT DETAILS: -Amortization: Yes. -I/O Port: Yes. -Time/Date: Yes. -Bond Calculations: No. -Confidence Interval Calculating: Yes. -Memory: 24KB RAM, 480KB Flash ROM. -Logical (Boolean) Operations: Yes. -Backspace Key: No. -Global Product Type: Calculators-Graphing. -Case: Hard, Slide. -Metric Conversion: No. -Depreciation Calculations: No. -Total Recycled Content Percent : 0 pct. -Equation Editor: Yes. -Size: 3 3/8w x 7 1/2d. -Display Notation: Graphic. -Decimal Function: No. -Variable Statistics: One, Two. -Interest Rate Conversion: Yes. -Variable Regression: No. -Base Number Calculations: Yes. -Square Root Key: No. -Grand Total Key: No. -Display Types: LCD. -Graphing Functions: Differential Equations, Histogram, Parametric, Plot, Zoom. -Hyperbolic Functions: Yes. -Currency Exchange Function: No. -Levels of Parentheses: Unlimited. -Time-Value-of-Money: Yes. -Complex Number Calculations: Yes. -Markup/Down Key: Yes. -Trig/Log Functions: Yes. -Pre-Consumer Recycled Content Percent : 0 pct. -Fraction/Decimal Conversions: No. -Fraction Calculations: No. -Power Source(s): Battery. -Display Characters x Display Lines: 16 x 8. -Date Calculations: No. -Higher Mathematical Functions: Calculus, Polynomial Equations. -Percent Key(s): No. -Simultaneous Equations: Yes. -Calculator Type: Graphing. -Hypothesis Testing: Yes. -Polar-Rectangular Conversion: Yes. -Probability (Random Number): No. -Percent Add-On/Discount: No. -Replacement Batteries: 4 AAA, EVE-E92BP-4, 3.0V Lithium, EVE-ECR2032BP. -Tax Calculation: No. -Matrices: Yes. -Loan Calculation: N http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ti-84-plus-graphing-calculator.html Starlight Instruments FeatherTouch Focuser Standard Flat Base FTBFLAT http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/starlight-instruments-feathertouch-focuser-standard-flat-base-ftbflat.html <BR>Flat base for Feathertouch Focusers<BR> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/starlight-instruments-feathertouch-focuser-standard-flat-base-ftbflat.html Mendelssohn: Overtures http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mendelssohn-overtures.html Mendelssohn: Overtures http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mendelssohn-overtures.html Timex Men's T49531 Expedition E-Instruments E-Compass Blue Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/timex-men-s-t49531-expedition-e-instruments-e-compass-blue-stainless-steel-bracelet-watch.html The Timex Men's Expedition E-Instruments E-Compass Blue Watch is a must-have for adventurers who appreciate style as much as they value high performance. The silver-tone stainless steel case is complemented by a notched stainless steel bezel with black and red markers. The striking blue dial features silver Arabic numbers in the three, six, nine and 12 o'clock position and a calendar window at the four o'clock position. It has a white sweeping seconds hand and chunky baton hands with luminous tips. A fourth red-tipped direction hand points to north. The two-tone gray and silver band gives the watch a stylish, sporty look. This watch has Indiglo night light and is water resistant to 330 feet. It has a one-year manufacturer's warranty. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/timex-men-s-t49531-expedition-e-instruments-e-compass-blue-stainless-steel-bracelet-watch.html Ancor 153010 Marine Grade Electrical Round Mylar Foil Shield and Drain Tinned Boat Instrument 3-Cable Wiring (20-Gauge, 100-Feet) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ancor-153010-marine-grade-electrical-round-mylar-foil-shield-and-drain-tinned-boat-instrument-3-cable-wiring-20-gauge-100-feet.html The conductor colors are black and red with 100 mylar foil shield with drain wire. The jacket cover is white and the outside diameter is 7/32. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ancor-153010-marine-grade-electrical-round-mylar-foil-shield-and-drain-tinned-boat-instrument-3-cable-wiring-20-gauge-100-feet.html Women's Musical Instruments Trouser Socks by Foot Traffic http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/women-s-musical-instruments-trouser-socks-by-foot-traffic.html Women's soft and comfortable Band trouser socks by Foot Traffic. These socks are so soft you have wear it to believe it! They are made with the highest regard for quality from heel to toe. You will find smooth threads throught the body of the sock, and ultra fine needle stitching make for bold clear patterns.These quality socks are trouser length (13 inches from the top of the sock to the bottom of the heel). One Size fits most (women's 4-10). Made of 65% Cotton, 15% Nylon, 15% Polyester, and 10% Spandex. Machine wash warm. Imported. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/women-s-musical-instruments-trouser-socks-by-foot-traffic.html Springfield Precision Instruments 14" Metal Garden Thermometer with Clock and Hygrometer http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/springfield-precision-instruments-14-metal-garden-thermometer-with-clock-and-hygrometer.html 14" Metal Garden Thermometer with Clock and Hygrometer http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/springfield-precision-instruments-14-metal-garden-thermometer-with-clock-and-hygrometer.html RAM Instrument Biker Watch, SS Case, Bezel and Band, Chrome V-Twin http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ram-instrument-biker-watch-ss-case-bezel-and-band-chrome-v-twin.html This biker watch features a diver inspired, stylish and durable stainless steel case, bezel and 3-link band. Luminous hands and markers ensure easy viewing, day or night. A screw-on back and screw-down crown provide water resistance to 200 meters. An anti-scratch mineral glass crystal provides protection and clear viewing of the chrome "V-Twin" design dial. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ram-instrument-biker-watch-ss-case-bezel-and-band-chrome-v-twin.html Musical Instrument Design: Practical Information for Instrument Design http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instrument-design-practical-information-for-instrument-design.html <DIV>This is an encyclopedic, large-format book containing hundreds of illustrations. While not geared toward making conventional instruments, <I>Musical Instrument Design</I> provides all the information that anyone (amateur or professional) should ever need to construct an amazingly wide variety of percussion, string, and wind instruments. Includes many designs along with parts lists and detailed construction instructions.<BR></DIV> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instrument-design-practical-information-for-instrument-design.html TIF Instruments (TIF9632R) High Side R12 and R22 Auto Glycerine Refrigerant Gauge http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/tif-instruments-tif9632r-high-side-r12-and-r22-auto-glycerine-refrigerant-gauge.html <ul>High Side R12 and R22 Auto Glycerine Refrigerant Gauge</ul> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/tif-instruments-tif9632r-high-side-r12-and-r22-auto-glycerine-refrigerant-gauge.html Instruments of the Orchestra: Vivaldi: The Four Seasons: Summer: I. Allegro non molto http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/instruments-of-the-orchestra-vivaldi-the-four-seasons-summer-i.html Instruments of the Orchestra: Vivaldi: The Four Seasons: Summer: I. Allegro non molto http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/instruments-of-the-orchestra-vivaldi-the-four-seasons-summer-i.html trunk flexibility instrument (sit-and-reach) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/trunk-flexibility-instrument-sit-and-reach.html trunk flexibility instrument (sit-and-reach) Flex-Tester provides sit and reach test. It comes with scales printed on it in inches and centimeters. Sturdy construction, a built-in foot plate to prevent slipping, easy assembly and a maximum reach indicator. Product photo may not exactly match the product offered for sale. Please refer to the product description. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/trunk-flexibility-instrument-sit-and-reach.html SBIG ST-10XME 3.2 Megapixel Camera with High QE Kodak KAF-3200ME and Texas Instruments TC-237 CCD, Class 2 http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/sbig-st-10xme-3.html The ST-10XME is the highest resolution CCD cameras in the "ST" series from SBIG. The body is identical to the ST-7XME, ST-8XME, ST-9XE, and ST- 2000XM models with some slight modifications to accommodate the larger detector. The ST-10XME contains an enhanced KAF-3200ME imaging detector from Kodak. The only difference between the CCDs is the addition of a micro lens layer over the pixels of the KAF-3200ME CCD for increased sensitivity. These 3.2 megapixel CCDs have a Full Frame Resolution of 2184 x 1472 pixels at 6.8 microns making them the ultimate cameras for wide field apochromatic refractors. The active imaging area is 17% greater than the ST-8XME and the arrays contain approximately twice as many pixels. The imaging camera includes an electro-mechanical shutter, 16 bit analog to digital (A/D) converter, regulated temperature control, and built-in TC-237H, guiding CCD with all of the electronics integrated into the CCD head. Communication to the PC is through the USB port at up to 425,000 pixels per second. The Kodak Digital Science TM KAF-3200E Image Sensor is a high density, 3.2 million pixel, full-frame Blue Plus image sensor. It joins the family of Kodak Blue Plus sensors with improved quantum efficiency across the visible spectrum. Ultra-low dark current of less than 1e-/pixel/second at 0o C (typical) allows moderate cooling for applications involving extended exposures. With an improved liquid cooling design, the ST-10XME cameras will reach approxim http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/sbig-st-10xme-3.html the Instrument of Pain http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/the-instrument-of-pain.html the Instrument of Pain http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/the-instrument-of-pain.html György Ligeti Edition 4: Vocal Works (Madrigals, Mysteries, Aventures, Songs) - The King's Singers / Philharmonia Orchestra / Esa-Pekka Salonen http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/gy-rgy-ligeti-edition-4-vocal-works-madrigals-mysteries-aventures-songs-the-king-s-singers-philharmonia-orchestra-esa-pekka-salonen.html Rejoice! The world-premiere recordings of six Ligeti works are cause for celebration. Three of the pieces are recent (1988-93), and three were written during Ligeti's youth in Hungary. In the liner notes, Ligeti movingly describes the artistic climate under the Communist regime. One of the highlights, the third of six <i>Nonsense Madrigals</i> is a beautiful setting of the English alphabet. The other premieres are <i>Mysteries of the Macabre</i> sung by the brilliant Sibylle Ehlert, and a Hlderlin poem arranged for soprano and piano. The earlier premieres are settings of Hungarian poets, for one or three voices and piano. This is a stunning set, encompassing Ligeti's adventurous, polyphonic side and ample heartfelt poignance as well. <I>--Robert Regile</I> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/gy-rgy-ligeti-edition-4-vocal-works-madrigals-mysteries-aventures-songs-the-king-s-singers-philharmonia-orchestra-esa-pekka-salonen.html Hohner Kids Multi-Timber Rhythm Instrument Package for 25 Players http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/hohner-kids-multi-timber-rhythm-instrument-package-for-25-players.html Package includes: 2 pair - Sand Blocks, 2 - Single Jingle Taps, 2 - Crow Sounders, 1 - Two-Tone Sounder, 2 pair - 5" Cymbals, 2 - Ankle Bells, 4 - Wrist Bells, 4 pair - Rhythm Sticks, 1 - 4" Triangle, 1 - 6" Triangle, 1 pair - Hardwood Claves, 1 - Handle Sleigh Bell, 2 - Soprano Sounders,1 - Instructors' Book. Instructor's guide contains descriptions of each instrument as well as songs, chants, and activities divided into sections by age group (infants to age 3; ages 3 to 6; and ages 6 and above). Each activity tells the tune to use, suitable instruments to use, words and the actions that coordinate, variations, and "A-B-C-Learn" listings of the developmental and social skills children can gain by completing the activity. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/hohner-kids-multi-timber-rhythm-instrument-package-for-25-players.html Haydn Edition Volume 7 - Divertimentos For Wind Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/haydn-edition-volume-7-divertimentos-for-wind-instruments.html Haydn Edition Volume 7 - Divertimentos For Wind Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/haydn-edition-volume-7-divertimentos-for-wind-instruments.html Concerto in G major for multiple instruments RV575: I. Allegro http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/concerto-in-g-major-for-multiple-instruments-rv575-i.html Concerto in G major for multiple instruments RV575: I. Allegro http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/concerto-in-g-major-for-multiple-instruments-rv575-i.html The Dreaded P.D.Q. Bach http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/the-dreaded-p-d-q.html The Dreaded P.D.Q. Bach http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/the-dreaded-p-d-q.html Infinity Instruments The Tattler - Distressed Case Resin Wall Clock http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/infinity-instruments-the-tattler-distressed-case-resin-wall-clock.html Traditional style wall clock. Black distressed case resin clock with a distressed dial. Roman numerals at every hour and black metal hands. Operates by a highly accurate quartz movement and one "AA" battery, not included. Guaranteed by a one year manufacturer's warranty. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/infinity-instruments-the-tattler-distressed-case-resin-wall-clock.html Chaney Instrument Digital Cooking Thermometer http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-digital-cooking-thermometer.html Digital Cooking Thermometer. ABS molded case. Acrylic lens. Digital movement http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-digital-cooking-thermometer.html Mag Instrument Inc Blk Aa Flashlight Pack M2a01c Flashlight Aluminum http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mag-instrument-inc-blk-aa-flashlight-pack-m2a01c-flashlight-aluminum.html Mini Maglite, Black, 2 'AA' Cell, Flashlight Combo Pack, Includes 1 Mini Mag 'AA' Incandescent Flashlight, 1 Pocket Clip, 1 Lanyard Wrist Strap, 1 Anti-Roll Lens Holder Device, 1 Each Of Red, Clear & Amber Lenses & 2 'AA' Duracell Batteries, For Replaceme http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mag-instrument-inc-blk-aa-flashlight-pack-m2a01c-flashlight-aluminum.html H-B Instruments Hydrometer, 1.000 to 1.225 Specific Gravity, 0.005 Divisions, Plain Form http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/h-b-instruments-hydrometer-1-000-to-1-225-specific-gravity-0.html Each hydrometer is calibrated in a triple accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2005, A2LA accredited laboratory against equipment whose calibration is traceable to NIST. Individually packaged with a multi-language Statement of Accuracy indicating accuracy traceable to NIST. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/h-b-instruments-hydrometer-1-000-to-1-225-specific-gravity-0.html Clevereve's 14K White Gold Charm Musical Instruments 3.1 - Gram(s) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/clevereve-s-14k-white-gold-charm-musical-instruments-3.html Beautifully crafted Clevereve's gold jewelry is created in house. Our gold is of the finest quality, this piece is 14K gold and 3.1 grams in weight.This item takes 8-12 business days to produce.All weights are approximate and may vary slightly. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/clevereve-s-14k-white-gold-charm-musical-instruments-3.html Godar: Partita for 54 String Instruments, Harpsichord, Kettledrums and Tubular Bells http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/godar-partita-for-54-string-instruments-harpsichord-kettledrums-and-tubular-bells.html Godar: Partita for 54 String Instruments, Harpsichord, Kettledrums and Tubular Bells http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/godar-partita-for-54-string-instruments-harpsichord-kettledrums-and-tubular-bells.html Mag Instrument Maglite XL 100 3-Cell AAA LED Flashlight Display Box, Blue S3117 http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mag-instrument-maglite-xl-100-3-cell-aaa-led-flashlight-display-box-blue-s3117.html Mag Instrument Maglite XL 100 3-Cell AAA LED Flashlight Display Box, Blue S3117 http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mag-instrument-maglite-xl-100-3-cell-aaa-led-flashlight-display-box-blue-s3117.html Monster Standard 100 Instrument Cable 21 ft. - straight 1/4 plugs S100-I-21 http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/monster-standard-100-instrument-cable-21-ft.html Put the Monster in Your Music! Introducing Monster Standard 100 Instrument Cable A quality connection starts with quality cable. And with Monster Standard 100, youll use a cable that sounds as good as it looks. So, whether youre gigging, tracking in the studio, or jamming in the garage, Standard 100 is a great entry-level cable to get you started. All the pros know cable makes a difference...thats why a lot of your favorite bands are using Monster. Standard 100 delivers the quality, durability, and reliability every Monster musician needsits always ready to perform when you are. Monster-Quality Instrument Cable At An Affordable Price Heavy-Duty Injection Molded Connector Specially designed strain relief increases cable durability and resists damage Easy-to-ID Color-Coded Rings for easy identification when youre plugging in multiple cable. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/monster-standard-100-instrument-cable-21-ft.html CAUTION LASER RADIATION DO NOT STARE INTO BEAM OR DIRECTLY WITH OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS CLASS 3A LASER (W/GRAPHIC) Sign - 10" x 14" Adhesive Dura-Vinyl http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/caution-laser-radiation-do-not-stare-into-beam-or-directly-with-optical-instruments-class-3a-laser-w-graphic-sign-10-x-14-adhesive-dura-vinyl.html <BR>CAUTION LASER RADIATION DO NOT STARE INTO BEAM OR DIRECTLY WITH OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS CLASS 3A LASER (W/GRAPHIC) Sign - 10" x 14" Adhesive Dura-Vinyl. ADHESIVE DURA VINYL (XV). Dual-layered Adhesive Dura Vinyl delivers exceptional flexibility and performance. Durability, even in the toughest indoor and outdoor conditions.Material Features: High-gloss over-laminate film is bonded to printed image. Sub-surface legend protected from water, chemicals and abrasion. Flexible, 6-mil thick vinyl. Permanent acrylic adhesive backing. Service temperature range: -20F to 140F. Durability: 5-7 years outdoors. Square corners without holes; scored backing for quick peel-off and application. 5 year manufacturer guarantee. Safety Signs<BR> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/caution-laser-radiation-do-not-stare-into-beam-or-directly-with-optical-instruments-class-3a-laser-w-graphic-sign-10-x-14-adhesive-dura-vinyl.html Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1 Interface http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/native-instruments-audio-kontrol-1-interface.html The new AUDIO KONTROL 1 is a high-end audio interface offering crystal-clear 192 kHz, 24 bit-quality sound. But it is far more than just a sound card. Freely-assignable buttons and a controller knob, combined with advanced MIDI, high-end Cirrus Logic A/D/A converters, and key command functionality, grant full control of software applications. Setup files for popular programs such as iTunes, Winamp, or Final Cut Pro ensure it's hassle-free. It has individual gain controls with activity and clip LEDs. 4 - 1/4" TRS outputs with 2 stereo level controls. USB 2.0 bus powered, it includes full versions of TRAKTOR 3 LE, GUITAR COMBOS, and XPRESS KEYBOARDS. Merging innovation and quality, AUDIO KONTROL 1 does so with an ear for practicality. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/native-instruments-audio-kontrol-1-interface.html Mag Instrument Inc XL50-S3016 Maglite XL50 LED Flashlight, Black http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mag-instrument-inc-xl50-s3016-maglite-xl50-led-flashlight-black.html "MAGLITE XL50" LED FLASHLIGHT*Black*Made of machined aluminum*Easy to use features andpowerful projecting flood-to-spot focusing LED beam*Push button tail-cap switchhas simple on/off*3 selectable modes (On - oneclick high power, off - twoclicks 25% power, three clicksemergency safety strobe*Operates on 3 standard AAAalkaline batteries included*104 Lumens*Carded http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mag-instrument-inc-xl50-s3016-maglite-xl50-led-flashlight-black.html Messermeister Culinary Instruments Butter Curler http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/messermeister-culinary-instruments-butter-curler.html Ideal for curling butter. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/messermeister-culinary-instruments-butter-curler.html Texas Instruments TI-89 Advanced Graphing Calculator http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ti-89-advanced-graphing-calculator.html Introducing TI's most powerful graphing calculator: The TI-89 Titanium, offering new features, preloaded Apps, and even more versatility. A built-in USB port makes data transfer ultra-convenient. Plus, with three times the memory of the TI-89, you can store more Apps, data, and programs http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ti-89-advanced-graphing-calculator.html Texas Instruments 89T/CLM Ti-89 Graphing Calc Titanium http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-89t-clm-ti-89-graphing-calc-titanium.html TI 89 Graphing Caclulator. The most advanced TI Graphing Handheld. Ideal for calculus! Now includes USB cable for computer connectivity. 4 AAA batteries. Back-up lithium battery. CBL2 and CBR compatible. Clam Shell http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-89t-clm-ti-89-graphing-calc-titanium.html Chavez - Toccata For Percussion Instruments - I. Allegro sempre giusto http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chavez-toccata-for-percussion-instruments-i.html Chavez - Toccata For Percussion Instruments - I. Allegro sempre giusto http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chavez-toccata-for-percussion-instruments-i.html Kendrick Astro Instruments .956" Eyepiece Dew Heater 2004 http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/kendrick-astro-instruments.html <BR>The heaters have been built to use only as much power as necessary and thereby not waste energy. They have sponge insulation on one side to prevent heat being lost into the atmosphere. The heat is directed into the optics instead and because of this, less energy is needed to keep your optics moisture free. The heaters wrap around your objectives, label side out and are held in place by elastic/Velcro attachments. Telrad heaters are held in place with an elastic band. The heaters for secondary mirrors are placed on the backside of the secondary and can be held in place by using the polyester batting found inside the secondary mirror holder. The .965/1.25", 1.25/2" and 2" are considered eyepiece heaters. The 1.25/2" and 2" are also heaters for camera lenses and certain binoculars. <BR> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/kendrick-astro-instruments.html Fender Vintage Volt 18 Ft. Electric Instrument Cable (Silver Black) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/fender-vintage-volt-18-ft.html Vintage Voltage Cables provide a quality tone and vintage look to any player's rig at an affordable price. We've wrapped it all up with a tweed, black/silver, wheat, or oxblood woven exterior for that Fender vibe. Throw in our limited lifetime warranty, and you have a cable that you can't live without! Available in 10' and 18' lengths. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/fender-vintage-volt-18-ft.html Trio for Blunt Instruments (Nero Wolfe Threesome) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/trio-for-blunt-instruments-nero-wolfe-threesome.html A Random House Kindle book. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/trio-for-blunt-instruments-nero-wolfe-threesome.html Motic Instruments Digital Stereo Zoom Microscopes, Motic DX47.026.101 Stereo Zoom Microscopes With http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/motic-instruments-digital-stereo-zoom-microscopes-motic-dx47-026.html Motic Instruments Digital Stereo Zoom Microscopes, Motic DX47.026.101 Stereo Zoom Microscopes With http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/motic-instruments-digital-stereo-zoom-microscopes-motic-dx47-026.html CBI Braided Guitar Instrument Cable 3 Foot (Black) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/cbi-braided-guitar-instrument-cable-3-foot-black.html This is the best-valued overbraid instrument cable available, designed by CBI for American Musical Supply and made in the USA. The braided nylon cloth provides flexibility with 'no fray' weaving, proven to be very durable. CBI not only provides heat shrink over the nickel 1/4' barrel but under as well, ensuring maximum strength for years of satisfaction.C.B.I. features unsurpassed delivery, flexibility, and quality for the Recording Studio, Live Audio, and Sound Installation Wiring markets. C.B.I. products include many top of the line components, such as Belden cable, Switchcraft, G&H, and Neutrik connectors. C.B.I.'s product lines encompass a wide range of professional wiring systems for musical instruments, sound reinforcement, sound installation, audio/video, recording & broadcast, as well as bulk wires, connectors, adapters, and custom designs. In addition to being a well-established and respected force in the retail music industry with over 20 years of experience, C.B.I. has been a pioneer in the field of designer cables and is unparalleled in the custom cable market. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/cbi-braided-guitar-instrument-cable-3-foot-black.html Alto C Beginner Level Dizi Bamboo Flute Chinese Musical Instrument http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/alto-c-beginner-level-dizi-bamboo-flute-chinese-musical-instrument.html Manufacturer :carrotmusicModel no :8937Instrument range :G4-A6Free accessories :One pack of dizi membrane,one dizi pouchSuitable levels :BeginnerNotes :*Please be reminded that the wordings of the carvings might be different,if you want to receive the item with the exact same carving as shown in pictures above,please let us know before the purchase so we can check stock level.Due to the use of natural material,colors and pattern of the flute may be slightly different from the picture.Design :Regular Dizi : 6 finger holes on the front.Material :(Flute body)Bitter bamboo ,Kuzhu-Pleioblastus amarus(Keng)Keng f.,(decoration on both ends)Ox bone,(metal joint part)copper alloyInstruction :Yes(online resource center)Instruction language :EnglishOrigin of component :Hangzhou,P.R.C.Manufacturer in :Hangzhou,P.R.C. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/alto-c-beginner-level-dizi-bamboo-flute-chinese-musical-instrument.html RAM Instrument RAMW1002R Field Watch, Rugged, Stainless Steel Case, Green Nylon Strap, Black Face http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ram-instrument-ramw1002r-field-watch-rugged-stainless-steel-case-green-nylon-strap-black-face.html RAM Instrument RAMW1002R Field Watch, Rugged, Stainless Steel Case, Green Nylon Strap, Black FaceRAM'S goal has been to provide solutions to customers' inspection and measurement needs that exceed their expectations and can be purchased at an affordable cost.Based upon vintage military field timepieces, this watch combines classic looks, with completely modern mechanics. Precision Japanese quartz movement with a long-life silver oxide battery. White numbers and highly luminous hands are set against a black dial for ease of viewing, day or night. The watch face is guarded by an anti-scratch sapphire crystal, while the rugged stainless steel case, and screw-down crown protect the movement,and provide water resistance to 200 meters. Soft OD green nylon strap.RAM Instrument RAMW1002R Field Watch, Rugged, Stainless Steel Case, Green Nylon Strap, Black Face Features:; Field Watch; Rugged; Stainless Steel Case; Green Nylon Strap; Black Face http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ram-instrument-ramw1002r-field-watch-rugged-stainless-steel-case-green-nylon-strap-black-face.html The Instrument Store Harmonica Pouch, Custom fit for 10 Hole Diatonic, Blues Harp and Marine Band Harmonicas http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/the-instrument-store-harmonica-pouch-custom-fit-for-10-hole-diatonic-blues-harp-and-marine-band-harmonicas.html The is a custom designed harmonica pouch by The Instrument Store. After being unsatisfied with other zippered harmonica pouches being too large for standard 10 hole blues harps, we designed our own pouch which will perfectly fit all standard 10 hole diatonic, blues harps and marine band type harmonicas. Your instrument will be perfectly protected and will not flop around inside the case. It is also easier to fit in the pocket. Buy one today for all of your blues harmonicas! Will not fit chromatics, tremolos, or echo harmonicas. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/the-instrument-store-harmonica-pouch-custom-fit-for-10-hole-diatonic-blues-harp-and-marine-band-harmonicas.html Messermeister Culinary Instruments Vegetable Peeler http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/messermeister-culinary-instruments-vegetable-peeler.html Ideal for peeling vegetables and fruits. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/messermeister-culinary-instruments-vegetable-peeler.html Barbie and The Rockers Live Concert Instruments Set - Everything For a Rockin' Show! (1986 Mattel Hawthorne) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/barbie-and-the-rockers-live-concert-instruments-set-everything-for-a-rockin-show-1986-mattel-hawthorne.html Barbie and The Rockers Live Concert Instruments Set - Everything For a Rockin' Show! (1986 Mattel Hawthorne) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/barbie-and-the-rockers-live-concert-instruments-set-everything-for-a-rockin-show-1986-mattel-hawthorne.html Woodstock Percussion Musical Instrument Woodstock Ukulele http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/woodstock-percussion-musical-instrument-woodstock-ukulele.html Woodstock Ukulele Your budding musical genius will transport you and the rest of the audience to a paradise of palm trees, brilliant sunsets and crystal seas with this authentically Hawaiian ukulele. A Woodstock best seller, the kid's ukulele is made of top quality wood and comes with pick, illustrated instructions and songs. A musical gift that will keep on giving to the whole family for many years to come. And you won't believe the incredible price! An extremely popular item--get yours while stocks last! Aloha! http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/woodstock-percussion-musical-instrument-woodstock-ukulele.html RAM Instrument Watch RAMW41200R Dive Watch, Red Face (41200 Series) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ram-instrument-watch-ramw41200r-dive-watch-red-face-41200-series.html RAM Instrument Watch RAMW41200R Dive Watch, Red Face (41200 Series)Stainless Steel Case with resin bezel and a durable, black PU strap. 200 Meter water resistant case with stainless steel back. Easy-to-read luminous hands and markers make it easy view time, even in total darkness. Rugged Japanese quartz movement easily stands up to everyday use and continues to reliably function. Uni-directional bezel with luminous reference point and 5 minute indicators. Anti-scratch mineral glass crystal. Red Face, with date window. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ram-instrument-watch-ramw41200r-dive-watch-red-face-41200-series.html Chaney Instrument Digital Instant Read Swivel-Head Thermometer http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-digital-instant-read-swivel-head-thermometer.html Includes hold data feature waterproof casing. Autooff feature helps conserve battery life. Response time 3-4 seconds. Temperature Range -40 F to 392F http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-digital-instant-read-swivel-head-thermometer.html Bach: Concerts avec plusieurs instruments V http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/bach-concerts-avec-plusieurs-instruments-v.html Bach: Concerts avec plusieurs instruments V http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/bach-concerts-avec-plusieurs-instruments-v.html Dorman 599-300 Instrument Cluster http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/dorman-599-300-instrument-cluster.html Dorman 599-300 Instrument Cluster http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/dorman-599-300-instrument-cluster.html Audio-Technica AUDIO TECHNICA UNIDIRECTVOCAL INSTRUMENT MIC (Pro Sound & Entertainment / Microphones) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/audio-technica-audio-technica-unidirectvocal-instrument-mic-pro-sound-entertainment-microphones.html AUDIO TECHNICA UNIDIRECTVOCAL INSTRUMENT MIC. <li>Perfect for aerobics, dance and sports instructors<li>Omnidirectional pickup pattern offers full coverage in movement<li>Condenser element for sonic excellence<li>Frequency response: 50Hz-18kHz<li>Includes integrated 20' cable with 3.5mm mini-plug for use with most camcorders http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/audio-technica-audio-technica-unidirectvocal-instrument-mic-pro-sound-entertainment-microphones.html Native Instruments KOMPLETE-6 Software Bundle http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/native-instruments-komplete-6-software-bundle.html KOMPLETE 6brings together seven cutting-edge products that no studio should be without. Containing groundbreaking and multi-awarding samplers, synths, guitar/bass amps and creative effects, this collection represents Native Instruments' most powerful software tools.From hip-hop to film scores, pop to techno, rock to classical and beyond KOMPLETE 6s 7,000 presets and 60 GB of samples have it all covered. Everything from dirty synths to heavenly choirs, pounding drums to full orchestras, subtle pads to screaming leads its all ready to play in premium quality.KONTAKT 4'THE INDUSTRY STANDARD SAMPLER'More powerful than ever, KONTAKT 4 comes with seven huge Instrument Collections forming a library of over 44 GB. An unrivaled feature range allows everything from pristine playback and extra-ordinary tweaking potential, to absolute creative freedom.ABSYNTH 5'ADDICTED TO SOUND'The legendary synthesizer with over 1,700 presets for evolving atmospheres, delicate pads, and complex soundscapes. Combining multiple synthesis and sampling techniques with the revolutionary Sound Mutation Technology.GUITAR RIG 4 PRO'PERFECT CUSTOM TONE'GUITAR RIG 4 PRO is the ultimate all-in-one guitar and bass solution. Now featuring more amazing amps, cabinets, microphones and effects than ever before GUITAR RIG 4 PRO sets the tone for excellence. More infoBATTERY 3'CHARGE YOUR DRUMS'BATTERY 3 is a dedicated drum sampler with a vast library of premium drum kits. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/native-instruments-komplete-6-software-bundle.html Universal Security Instruments SS-770-LR 9-Volt Battery Ionization Smoke and Fire Alarm with Large Ring Mounting Bracket http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/universal-security-instruments-ss-770-lr-9-volt-battery-ionization-smoke-and-fire-alarm-with-large-ring-mounting-bracket.html SS770LR Make sure your home is as safe as possible with the 9V Smoke and Fire Alarm. Your home should be equipped with a smoke and fire alarm in every room to ensure optimum saftey for you and your family Features: -White finish -Operates on battery power only -Accomodates one 9V battery (included) About Craftmade Craftmade International, Inc. was founded in 1985 and based in Coppell, Texas. They design, distribute and market superior quality ceiling fans, light kits and related accessories. Craftmade's extensive product line includes 20 collections,127 models of ceiling fans and over 100 compatible lighting fixtures in a variety finishes. The design features of Craftmade ceiling fans make the line one of the most reliable, durable and energy efficient available today. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/universal-security-instruments-ss-770-lr-9-volt-battery-ionization-smoke-and-fire-alarm-with-large-ring-mounting-bracket.html Maywa Denki Otamatone Music Instrument (Pink) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/maywa-denki-otamatone-music-instrument-pink.html Most musical instruments don't have faces. It's a shame, really, as almost everything can be made better with a cute face. Well, fear not friends, as we've found one of the cutest musical instruments ever - and it has a face! It's straight from Japan, and it's called the Otamatone Electronic Instrument. We'll give you a little idea of how this adorable thing works, we'll show you a little video of it in action, and then we'll set you off on your merry way to sing your own songs.Ok, so in theory, playing the Otamatone Electronic Instrument is unbelievably easy. You place your finger on the stem to select the pitch. To get vibrato (or any sort of wah-wah effects), you just squeeze the note's rubber cheeks repeatedly. This will open and close the little dude's mouth. Now, we did say easy in theory. That's because the strip on the stem has no pitch labels or frets, so you really have to have a good ear. That said, you can easily just slide between notes, both for ease of playing and for even more musical effect. The Otamatone Electronic Instrument is wacky, adorable, distinctive, and can be a great instrument for some unique electronic performances. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/maywa-denki-otamatone-music-instrument-pink.html DANGER LASER RADIATION DO NOT STARE INTO BEAM OR VIEW DIRECTLY WITH OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS CLASS 3R LASER (W/GRAPHIC) Sign - 10" x 14" Dura-Plastic http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/danger-laser-radiation-do-not-stare-into-beam-or-view-directly-with-optical-instruments-class-3r-laser-w-graphic-sign-10-x-14-dura-plastic.html <BR>DANGER LASER RADIATION DO NOT STARE INTO BEAM OR VIEW DIRECTLY WITH OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS CLASS 3R LASER (W/GRAPHIC) Sign - 10" x 14" Dura-Plastic. DURA PLASTIC (XT). Designed for adverse indoor and outdoor conditions, Dura Plastic offers rigid durability and quality that match your toughest standards. Sub-surface printed legend helps to protect it against the harshest industrial environments, including chemicals and abrasion. Material Features: Resists abrasion and humidity. Vinyl sign is permanently bonded to a semi rigid .060" thick Polycarbonate backing. Protected by 2-mil high-gloss polyester over-laminate film. Service temperature range: -50F to 190F. Durability: 7 years outdoors. Rounded corners and 3/16" mounting holes. 7 year manufacturer guarantee. Safety Signs<BR> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/danger-laser-radiation-do-not-stare-into-beam-or-view-directly-with-optical-instruments-class-3r-laser-w-graphic-sign-10-x-14-dura-plastic.html Native Instruments KOMPLETE 7 UPGRADE LTO Software (from KONTAKT, REAKTOR or KORE) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/native-instruments-komplete-7-upgrade-lto-software-from-kontakt-reaktor-or-kore.html This limited time offer for KOMPLETE 7 is for previously registered owners of Native Instruments' KONTAKT, REAKTOR, or KORE. It's a great way to save some money and acquire all the great upgrades and updated material in KOMPLETE 7.KOMPLETE 7 is the latest version of the ultimate software collection from Native Instruments. Featuring 24 KOMPLETE instruments and effects, this 90GB package is bursting with more than 10,000 production-ready sounds for all styles and genres. KOMPLETE 7 features renowned flagship products like KONTAKT, GUITAR RIG, and the redesigned REAKTOR 5.5 plus all-new instruments and effects from Native Instruments and brands like Abbey Road and Scarbee.Containing 24 groundbreaking and multi-award-winning samplers, synths, guitar/bass amps, instruments, and creative effects, this collection represents Native Instruments' essential software tools for musicians, producers and sound designers alike.10,000 sounds and 90 GB of samples cover a lot of sonic territory - from hip-hop to film scores, from pop to techno to classical and beyond. KOMPLETE 7 includes everything from the dirtiest synths to heavenly choirs, pounding drums and mesmerizing effects.With 12 newly included products, previously only available individually, plus five all-new Instruments and Effects, this adds up to the most powerful KOMPLETE collection ever! REAKTOR 5.5REAKTOR 5.5 opens a universe of sound. It's a deep and powerful modular studio that sets no restrictions on creativity. More than 70 unique synthesizers, sound generators, groove boxes, sequencers and effects are at your fingertips, with 3000+ more freely available in the Online User Library. Customize existing instruments, or create your own individual sound generator from scratch thanks to the fully modular architecture. REAKTOR 5.5 is a true playground for the creative mind.KONTAKT 4KONTAKT 4 is the industry standard sampler from Native Instruments. Its immense sound library contains over 1,000 instruments, while the uni http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/native-instruments-komplete-7-upgrade-lto-software-from-kontakt-reaktor-or-kore.html Mini Musical Instrument - Xylophone http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mini-musical-instrument-xylophone.html Stimulate young minds and encourage creativity with these fun musical instruments. Each instrument plays 3 different songs with buttons to push and colorful flashing lights. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mini-musical-instrument-xylophone.html Chaney Instruments Acu-Rite 02418 14-inch Faux-Slate Indoor/Outdoor Wall Clock with Thermometer, Hygrometer http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instruments-acu-rite-02418-14-inch-faux-slate-indoor-outdoor-wall-clock-with-thermometer-hygrometer.html An outdoor or indoor slate like look clock that includes a thermometer, quartz close and hygrometer. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instruments-acu-rite-02418-14-inch-faux-slate-indoor-outdoor-wall-clock-with-thermometer-hygrometer.html Vivaldi - Il cimento dell'armonia e dell'inventione / Europa Galante, Biondi http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/vivaldi-il-cimento-dell-armonia-e-dell-inventione-europa-galante-biondi.html Another <I>Four Seasons</I>, but this one shoots to the top of the list. Fabio Biondi's imaginative playing is full of spunk and vigor, delineating Vivaldi's scene-painting without overdoing it. His band matches him with rhythmic vitality; this is one Vivaldi set that holds your interest from start to finish.<p> In his program notes, Biondi explains the use of the "Manchester" manuscript of the <I>Four Seasons</I>, which was closer to the composer's intentions than editions published later, and he discusses the manuscript sources for the other works. The <I>Four Seasons</I> are the first four concertos of Vivaldi's Opus 8 set of a dozen, titled <I>Il cimento dell'armonia e dell'inventione</I> (The Trial of Harmony and Invention). The others may not share the <I>Seasons</I>' popularity, but they're of comparable excellence, especially in performances as exciting as these. First-rate sound, close-up and immediate, underscores the vibrancy of the performances. Biondi's 1991 <I>Four Seasons</I> on Opus 111 is still in the catalog, but this one scores because Virgin includes the complete Opus 8 on two discs for the price of one. <I>--Dan Davis</I> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/vivaldi-il-cimento-dell-armonia-e-dell-inventione-europa-galante-biondi.html MOTU MX4 Version 2 Multi Synthesizer Virtual Instrument (Mac Only) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/motu-mx4-version-2-multi-synthesizer-virtual-instrument-mac-only.html A virtual instrument plugin for MOTU DP4 (MAS), Pro Tools (RTAS) and other Mac OS X audio hosts (Audio Units). MX4 features a unique, hybrid synthesis engine that combines several forms of synthesis, including subtractive, wavetable, frequency modulation (FM), amplitude modulation (AM) and analog emulation. MX4?s flexible programming and advanced modulation architecture provide the intimacy of a vintage synth, the flexibility of a modular synth, and the innovation of a virtual synth. Version 2 is packed with major new features and hundreds of new presets that instantly expand your sonic palette. Best of all, MX4 Version 2 is a free upgrade to all MX4 Version 1 users! It all starts with the pulsating, rhythmic textures of MX4 V2's new Pattern Gate. More built-in effects Built-in effects allow you to incorporate the effect into your programmed presets, rather than having to apply them separately. MX4 Version 2 adds a flanger, phaser and all-important reverb. All of these effects are CPU efficient and add a broad new sonic palette for you to work with. Stereo Detune Try this: load a mono preset in MX4 Version 2 and listen to it?a pad for example. Now click the stereo button and play it again. Hear how it widens? Now drag the Stereo Detune slider to about 30%. What you'll now hear is nothing short of huge, spread across the stereo field. Now set the Unison Multiplier to 4, and get ready for really huge... Anti-aliased (band-limited) wavetables MX4 Version 2 ... http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/motu-mx4-version-2-multi-synthesizer-virtual-instrument-mac-only.html Drive Medical 13071 Mayo Instrument Stand with 5 Casters http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/drive-medical-13071-mayo-instrument-stand-with-5-casters.html The Drive Medical Mayo-Instrument Stand with 5" Casters, provide additional mobility and convenience. Tray height adjusts from 29.5" to 47" with lock. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/drive-medical-13071-mayo-instrument-stand-with-5-casters.html Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Weather Station (Cabled) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/davis-instruments-vantage-pro2-weather-station-cabled.html Vantage Pro2 Cabled with standard radiation shield. This system has a cabled 100 ft. (30 m) for a more economical connection. With data updates every 2.5 seconds. Includes Vantage Pro2 console/receiver, integrated sensor suite and mounting hardware. Integrated sensor suite includes rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors, anemometer with 40-Feet (12 m) anemometer cable and solar panel. Sensor suite is power through the cable. Console may be powered using the included AC power adapter or with three C batteries (not included) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/davis-instruments-vantage-pro2-weather-station-cabled.html OLIVER / WHITE INSTRUMENT CLUSTER GAUGE - NEGATIVE GROUND http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/oliver-white-instrument-cluster-gauge-negative-ground.html Fits Oliver: 550, 770, 880 (ALL GAS OR DIESEL) --- WHITE: 2-44 GAS OR DIESEL http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/oliver-white-instrument-cluster-gauge-negative-ground.html Chaney Instrument Oak Finished Weather Station http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-oak-finished-weather-station.html This traditional weather station has been finished with a warm oakt stain. All the basics have been covered by including a thermometer, barometer and hygrometer. Weather station offers vertical and horizontal hanging options. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-oak-finished-weather-station.html A CHILD'S INTRODUCTION TO MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/a-child-s-introduction-to-musical-instruments.html THIS FUN LEARNING VIDEO FOLLOWS A FARMER'S DREAM TO CONDUCT AN ORCHESTRA. HIS ANIMALS PLAY INSTRUMENTS IN A BARNYARD SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. A FAIRY GOD COW HELPS THE FARMER MAKE HIS DREAM COME TRUE. INSTRUMENTS ARE SHOWN AS AN EXCELLENT TEACHING TOOL TO LEARN THE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/a-child-s-introduction-to-musical-instruments.html Set of 3 Weather Instruments With Brushed Gold Dials http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/set-of-3-weather-instruments-with-brushed-gold-dials.html Create your own one-of-a-kind weather station and stay informed about changing weather conditions! Thermometer is scaled in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, hygrometer measures the amount of moisture in the air (humidity), and the barometer indicates weather trends over a period of time by registering changes in atmospheric conditions. All bezels are 2-3/4" in diameter and mount in a 2-3/8" diameter hole. Silicon rubber gasket mounting system makes installation easy. To operate properly, all the instruments should be vented to allow quick adjustment to changes in the atmosphere. Barometer should be used at altitudes below 6,000 ft. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/set-of-3-weather-instruments-with-brushed-gold-dials.html Pair of Right Angle to Straight 20' Colored Guitar/Instrument Cables Green New http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/pair-of-right-angle-to-straight-20-colored-guitar-instrument-cables-green-new.html This pair of green with 20' right angle to straight guitar/instrument cable comes in pairs. These are heavy duty cables, designed to last. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/pair-of-right-angle-to-straight-20-colored-guitar-instrument-cables-green-new.html The Ultimate Fake Book (for C Instruments) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/the-ultimate-fake-book-for-c-instruments.html This fake book is a cornerstone for many musicians' libraries. With over 1200 songs in all styles of music, this fourth edition has been updated to include even more great songs and recent hits. From jazz standards to Broadway blockbusters and country classics to pop chart-toppers, this book has the songs you're looking for all in one convenient collection. It is comb-bound with locked tabs to ensure long-lasting durability. Songs include: Alfie * All the Things You Are * Always * And So It Goes * Autumn in New York * Beauty and the Beast * Brazil * Blue Skies * Body and Soul * Call Me Irresponsible * Can't Help Falling in Love * Candy * Caravan * Change the World * Cry Me a River * Duke of Earl * Easter Parade * Edelweiss * Endless Love * Everyday * A Foggy Day * Friends in Low Places * Georgia on My Mind * Heart and Soul * Here's That Rainy Day * How Deep Is the Ocean (How High Is the Sky) * I Love Paris * I Shot the Sheriff * I'm Always Chasing Rainbows * I've Got the World on a String * The Impossible Dream * Isn't It Romantic? * It's Only a Paper Moon * The Lady Is a Tramp * Lazy River * Let's Fall in Love * Love Is Here to Stay * Makin' Whoopee! * Memory * Mona Lisa * Moon River * Moonlight in Vermont * My Funny Valentine * My Heart Will Go On * Oh, Pretty Woman * * Operator * Piano Man * Precious and Few * Release Me * Roxanne * Satin Doll * Small World * Somewhere Out There * Sophisticated Lady * Speak Softly, Love (Love Theme from "The Godfather") * Splish Splash * Strawberry Fields Forever * Summer in the City * Tears in Heaven * Ticket to Ride * Unforgettable * Waltz for Debby * What'll I Do * When I Fall in Love * When You Wish Upon a Star * You Are the Sunshine of My Life * (You're So Square) Baby, I Don't Care * and hundreds more! http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/the-ultimate-fake-book-for-c-instruments.html Texas Instruments 10386958920 TI82 Teacher Pack for Graphing Calculator http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-10386958920-ti82-teacher-pack-for-graphing-calculator.html Texas Instruments (10386958920) Texas Instruments, Inc. 10386958920 is a teacher pack for TI-82 grap http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-10386958920-ti82-teacher-pack-for-graphing-calculator.html Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus Blue Graphing Calculator http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ti-83-plus-blue-graphing-calculator.html This easy-to-use TI calculator is enhanced with FLASH ROM memory that allows it to store Calculator Software Applications (Apps) ideal for use in virtually any class. The TI-83 Plus and the TI-84 Plus family are allowed for use on the PSAT the SAT Reasoning Test SAT Subject Tests and Math Level 1 and 2 Tests AP Chemistry exam AP Physics exam and AP Calculus exam. * Electronically upgradable. * Applications will be available from TI and other leading developers. * 8-line by 16-character display.* Advanced functions accessed through pull-down display menus. * Real and complex numbers calculated to 14-digit accuracy and displayed with 10 digits plus a 2-digit exponent. * Graphs 10 rectangular functions 6 parametric expression 6 polar expressions and 3 recursively-defined sequences. * Up to 10 graphing functions defined saved graphed and analyzed at one time. * Sequence graphing mode shows time series plot cobweb/ stair-step plot and phase plot. * User-defined list names. Lists store up to 999 elements. * 14 interactive zoom features. * Function evaluation table shows numeric evaluation of functions in table format. * Interactive analysis of function values roots maximums minimums integrals and derivatives. * 7 different graph styles for differentiating the look of each graph drawn. * Horizontal and vertical split-screen options.* Matrix operations including inverse determinant transpose augment reduced row echelon form and elementary row operations. Convert matrices to lists and vice-versa. * List-based one- and two- variable statistical analysis including logistic sinusoidal median-median linear logarithmic exponential power quadratic polynomial cubic polynomial and quadratic polynomial regression models. * 3 statistical plot definitions for scatter plots xy-line plots histograms regular and modified box-and-whisker plots and normal probability plots. * Advanced statistics features including 9 hypothesis testing functions 6 confidence interval function... http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ti-83-plus-blue-graphing-calculator.html Texas Instruments TI503SV Calculator http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ti503sv-calculator.html Displays 8 10MM-high digits. 3-key memory, +/- switch key. Size-2.6 x 4.3. Battery powered. Uses replacement batteries DURD389/390B. Compact, economical calculator for either handheld or desktop use. Power-saving LCD display. Operating battery included. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ti503sv-calculator.html Rhythm Tune Up For all Musicians on all Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/rhythm-tune-up-for-all-musicians-on-all-instruments.html Playing with good time is fundamental to making good music, yet this critical aspect of musicianship is often ignored. John McGann shows you how to understand the basics of rhythm, use the metronome to perfect your skills, and put it all together to play with great time & feel at any tempo. This DVD is for all musicians on all instruments. No music reading is necessary. John is a world-class class performer and composer on guitar, mandolin, and pedal steel. He plays standard guitar and mandolin in the DVD but the concepts are applicable to every instrument. John is a former National Mandolin Champion and a studio musician/recording artist who has performed and recorded with many of the leading lights of contemporary Celtic and Acoustic music. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/rhythm-tune-up-for-all-musicians-on-all-instruments.html A Devil to Play: One Man's Year-Long Quest to Master the Orchestra's Most Difficult Instrument http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/a-devil-to-play-one-man-s-year-long-quest-to-master-the-orchestra-s-most-difficult-instrument.html <p> In the days before his fortieth birthday, London-based journalist Jasper Rees trades his pen for a French horn that has been gathering dust in the attic for more than twenty-two years, and, on a lark, plays it at the annual festival of the British Horn Society. </p> <p> Despite an embarrassingly poor performance, the experience inspires Rees to embark on a daunting, bizarre, and ultimately winning journey: to return to the festival in one year's time and play a Mozart concertosoloto a large paying audience. </p> <p> <i>A Devil to Play</i> is the true story of an unlikely midlife crisis spent conquering sixteen feet of wrapped brass tubing widely regarded as the most difficult instrument to master, as well as the most treacherous to play in public. It is the history of man's first musical instrument, a compelling journey that moves from the walls of Jericho to <i>Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band</i>, from the hunting fields of France to the heart of Hollywood. And it is the account of one man's mounting musical obsession, told with pitch-perfect wit and an undeniable charman endearing, inspiring tale of perseverance and achievement, relayed masterfully, one side-splittingly off-key note at a time. </p> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/a-devil-to-play-one-man-s-year-long-quest-to-master-the-orchestra-s-most-difficult-instrument.html CBI Gold Rush Guitar Instrument Cable - 20 Foot http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/cbi-gold-rush-guitar-instrument-cable-20-foot.html CBI Gold Rush guitar cables are Gibson Custom Shop's guitar cables of choice.Gold Rush cables combine high quality with style and are the highest quality guitar cable you can buy. Gold Rush cables are high quality Belden/C.B.I. 20 gauge instrument wire with gold plated G&H Bigfoot 1/4-inch connectors. The Gold Rush is one of the classiest looking guitar cables on the market, and is made from strictly top quality components. The Gold Rush sports a cloth jacket designed for durability, flexibility, and it will not fray.CBI and Gibson Guitar Co. have entered into a joint venture in which CBI's Gold Rush guitar cable is to be packaged with most of Gibson's custom guitar line. The deal was the result of a combined effort involving Gibson's Custom Guitar Department and CBI representative Doug Jordan. George Cox of Gibson's Custom Division said they decided to use CBI cables because, ' CBI has a reputation for manufacturing top-quality cables and their visual appeal matched well with our vintage re-issue program.' http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/cbi-gold-rush-guitar-instrument-cable-20-foot.html Clevereve's Sterling Silver Charm 3-D Musical Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/clevereve-s-sterling-silver-charm-3-d-musical-instruments.html Made to order this item can not be guaranteed for delivery for the Holidays. Beautifully crafted Clevereve's sterling silver jewelry is created in house. Our sterling silver is of the finest quality, this piece is 925 sterling silver. Most sterling pieces are produced upon ordered and may require 10-15 days before shipping. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/clevereve-s-sterling-silver-charm-3-d-musical-instruments.html Texas Instruments BA35 Solar Calculator http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ba35-solar-calculator.html Basic business calculator Time - Value of money Compound interest Pre-Programmed financial function Capability for recalling Time - Value of money values as well as annunity due operations Annual Percentage Rate (APR) to Effective Rate (EFF) interest conversions One-variable statistics with frequencies Calculates mean, sample standard deviation, and population standard deviation Cost-sell-margin & mark-up calculations Square root, X2, percent, percent change, universal powers, reciprocals, natural logarihms, & exponentials http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ba35-solar-calculator.html Chaney Instrument 3-1/2-Inch Brass Swivel Thermometer http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-3-1-2-inch-brass-swivel-thermometer.html This nastolgic brass thermometer features a 3-1/2 inch adjustable dial with swing arm allowing you to adjust the thermometer for easy viewing. Mount this thermometer outside your window or anywhere the termperature interests you. This classic thermometer will enhance any surrounding. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-3-1-2-inch-brass-swivel-thermometer.html The Ultimate Christmas Fake Book: for Piano, Vocal, Guitar, Electronic Keyboard and All C Instruments (Fake Books) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/the-ultimate-christmas-fake-book-for-piano-vocal-guitar-electronic-keyboard-and-all-c-instruments-fake-books.html The 4th edition of this bestselling fake book has been updated to now include 275 traditional and contemporary Christmas songs! Includes the melody line, lyrics and chords for: All Through the Night * Away in a Manger * The Chipmunk Song * The Christmas Shoes * The Christmas Song * Deck the Hall * Do You Hear What I Hear * Feliz Navidad * Frosty the Snow Man * Fum, Fum, Fum * Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer * Happy Holiday * A Holly Jolly Christmas * I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day * I'll Be Home for Christmas * Jingle-Bell Rock * Jingle Bells * Joy to the World * Little Saint Nick * Merry Christmas, Darling * Nuttin' for Christmas * Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer * Silent Night * Silver Bells * Toyland * Up on the Housetop * What Child Is This? * Who Would Imagine a King * Wonderful Christmastime * more. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/the-ultimate-christmas-fake-book-for-piano-vocal-guitar-electronic-keyboard-and-all-c-instruments-fake-books.html Modern Aircraft Instrument Coasters - Set of 4 http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/modern-aircraft-instrument-coasters-set-of-4.html These Trintec items are authentic replicas of real aircraft instruments. Each coaster features a different design. Set of 4. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/modern-aircraft-instrument-coasters-set-of-4.html Ferret Instruments 82 Advance Dial Timing Light http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ferret-instruments-82-advance-dial-timing-light.html The Ferret Instruments Advance dial timing light has a large calibrated 60-degree dial that provides 1/5 degree accuracy and easy operation. The 2/4 stroke switch compensates dial for use on direct (DIS) and distributor ignitions. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ferret-instruments-82-advance-dial-timing-light.html INSTRUMENT PANEL HOUSING http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/instrument-panel-housing.html Fits International: 766, 966, 1066, 1466, 1468, 1566, 1568, HYDRO 100 http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/instrument-panel-housing.html Chaney Instrument AcuRite Digital Outdoor Window Thermometer http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-acurite-digital-outdoor-window-thermometer.html Digital technology is now available in a window thermometer! Attach this unit to the outside of your window to view the outdoor temperature from indoors. Fahrenheit temperature is displayed. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-acurite-digital-outdoor-window-thermometer.html Native Instruments TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO DJ Software/Hardware Package, ¹ http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/native-instruments-traktor-scratch-duo-dj-software-hardware-package.html For aspiring DJs who want to start spinning their digital tracks on vinyl and CD, TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO is the complete solution that provides essential DJ equipmentboth the software and hardwareto perfectly fuse the worlds of analog and digital DJing. TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO comes with the powerful TRAKTOR PRO-based TRAKTOR DUO software, the professional AUDIO 4 DJ interface, ultra-precise control records and CDs, plus many more valuable features to get any DJ spinning in no time.SoftwareUsing the experience of nearly a decade of TRAKTOR software research and development, TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO is streamlined and focused to give DJs the necessary features they need to spin digital. Boasting two state-of-the-art playback decks, a selection of professional-quality effects, an easy-to-use interface, and premium sound quality, TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO puts the world's best-selling DJ software within the reach of DJs at any experience level or budget. At the heart of TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO are two playback decks based on industry-standard workflows. On top of the familiar behavior of traditional decks, the DJ software has plenty of useful and creative features, including instant, intuitive cueing and looping functions, and easily readable and scalable fonts. Advanced options such as auto beat grids and detection, and the Sync Lock function further extend the creative possibilities of TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO.Both playback decks integrate a 3-band EQ and classic filters giving you complete control of your tracks' sound. For even deeper sonic transformations, TRAKTOR DUO comes with six high-quality effects: tempo-synched filter, delay, flanger and reverb, as well as the unique beatmasher and gator effectsbuilt with Native Instruments' groundbreaking REAKTOR technology. The high contrast, scalable fonts and intelligent grouping of graphic elements ensure an unparalleled ease of use and super-fast workflow. The intuitive Crate Flick search lets you visually flip through your http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/native-instruments-traktor-scratch-duo-dj-software-hardware-package.html Musical Instruments VHS http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instruments-vhs.html Current research indicates that early exposure to classical music stimulates a baby's mind and aids in the development of creativity, motor coordination, and emotion. Much like the <I>Baby Einstein</I> series, this 26-minute tape combines lively classical music with brightly colored, boldly patterned animated animals for a virtual feast for the eyes and ears. Each of 10 distinct instruments is associated with a particular animal: A cat bobs along in a boat to the accompaniment of a flute playing the familiar Bach "Polonaise and Badinerie," and a giraffe plays hide-and-seek behind tall buildings while a bassoon plays Mozart's "Bassoon Sonata." Other familiar tunes include the Clarke's "Trumpet Voluntary," Bach's "Prelude in Cminor," and Haydn's "Oboe Concerto." The video is divided into five sections, each of which features two animal-instrument combinations complete with explanatory titles. This format facilitates viewing in short time increments--a practice especially recommended for the youngest infants. Older, more verbal toddlers will delight in guessing what animal or familiar object will appear next, and often create elaborate stories to accompany the images on the screen. This is a visually and aurally stimulating introduction to classical music that both parents and children will enjoy. <I>--Tami Horiuchi</I> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instruments-vhs.html Chaney Instruments Preston LED Alarm Clock http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instruments-preston-led-alarm-clock.html Preston Digital Alarm Classic walnut finished case with silver accents features a .6" LED display, snooze and 9v battery backup. Dimensions: 2-1/4"H x 5-1/2"W x 3-1/4"D http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instruments-preston-led-alarm-clock.html Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator (Clear Edition) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ti-84-plus-graphing-calculator-clear-edition.html Building on the hugely popular TI-83 Plus, which is perhaps the best-selling calculator of all time, the TI-84 Plus is completely compatible with its predecessor. From that well-established platform, this new model adds more speed (a processor that's 2.5 times faster), more memory (24 KB RAM and 480 KB of Flash ROM), an enhanced high-contrast display (eight lines by 16 characters), and more beloved Apps. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ti-84-plus-graphing-calculator-clear-edition.html 61-62 FULL SIZE INSTRUMENT LENS SET, 4PC http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/61-62-full-size-instrument-lens-set-4pc.html 61-62 CHEVY FULL SIZE INSTRUMENT LENS SET, 4 PIECE - FOR BORG CLOCK VEHICLES. Crystal clear injection molded parts give you no distortion. Mold in light bars allows flawless night viewing. Buy the complete dash lens set and save!! http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/61-62-full-size-instrument-lens-set-4pc.html Chaney Instrument AcuRite Indoor/Outdoor Digital Thermometer http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-acurite-indoor-outdoor-digital-thermometer.html Indoor/Outdoor 10' Submersible Probe Thermometer. Displays indoor/outdoor temperature. Min/max memory. Wired unit. Backlight. Uses 1 AAA battery (not included) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-acurite-indoor-outdoor-digital-thermometer.html Mayo Instrument Stand with Removable Tray http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mayo-instrument-stand-with-removable-tray.html Mayo Instrument Stand with Removable Tray has a stainless steel tray (12.5" x 19") and a chrome-plated steel base. It also comes with adjustable height (31" - 50") and the casters increase maneuverability. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mayo-instrument-stand-with-removable-tray.html Hanna Instruments HI 98121 pH/ORP/Temperature Tester http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/hanna-instruments-hi-98121-ph-orp-temperature-tester.html The HI98121 pH/ORP/Temperature WP tester with advanced functions designed for simultaneouse pH and ORP measurements. It also reads temperature which is continuously displayed on the dual level LCD. The encapsulated external stainless steel sensor, position in close proximity to the pH electrode provides fast response. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/hanna-instruments-hi-98121-ph-orp-temperature-tester.html Universal Security Instruments SS-790 120-Volt AC/DC Wired-In Ionization Smoke and Fire Alarm http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/universal-security-instruments-ss-790-120-volt-ac-dc-wired-in-ionization-smoke-and-fire-alarm.html Universal Security Instruments SS-790 120-Volt AC/DC Wired-In Ionization Smoke and Fire Alarm http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/universal-security-instruments-ss-790-120-volt-ac-dc-wired-in-ionization-smoke-and-fire-alarm.html Audio Technica At8390-10 Premium Instrument Cable (10 Ft) (Electronics-Other / Microphones) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/audio-technica-at8390-10-premium-instrument-cable-10-ft-electronics-other-microphones.html AUDIO TECHNICA AT8390-10 PREMIUM INSTRUMENT CABLE (10 FT). 100% COVERAGE BRAIDED COPPER SHIELD & CONDUCTIVE PVC INNER SHIELD PROTECT CABLE SIGNAL QUALITY, PROFESSIONAL HIGH-QUALITY CONNECTORS ENSURE SUPERIOR SIGNAL INTEGRITY AND OUTSTANDING STRAIN RELIEF, HIGH-QUALITY 24-GAUGE STRANDED COPPER CONDUCTOR OFFERS OPTIMAL SIGNAL TRANSFER, EXTRA FLEXIBILITY FOR EASE OF USE/STORAGE, DUAL JACKET DESIGN STANDS UP TO TOUGH USE, 10 FT http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/audio-technica-at8390-10-premium-instrument-cable-10-ft-electronics-other-microphones.html Live For Music, Guitar Capo, K-Style by The Instrument Store http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/live-for-music-guitar-capo-k-style-by-the-instrument-store.html The music world's most popular quick-change capo is Strong and lightweight. It Clamps firmly to hold intonation Quickly and easily released and repositioned without disturbing the tuning. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/live-for-music-guitar-capo-k-style-by-the-instrument-store.html Texas Instruments TI-89 Titanium Programmable Graphing Calculator CALCULATOR,GRAPHING DPCML1610 (Pack of 2) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ti-89-titanium-programmable-graphing-calculator-calculator-graphing-dpcml1610-pack-of-2.html Electronically upgradeable graphing calculator allows you to have the most up-to-date functionality and software applications. 16 preloaded graphing calculator software applications suitable for college math and engineering coursework. Memory management to create folders for specific applications or subjects. Electronically upgradeable graphing calculator allows you to have the most up-to-date functionality and software applications. 16 preloaded graphing calculator software applications suitable for college math and engineering coursework. Memory management to create folders for specific applications or subjects. Icon desktop for easier access to applications and editors. Pretty Print shows equations and results with radical notation, stacked fractions and superscript exponents. Permitted for use on many state and standardized tests. Global Product Type: Calculators-Graphing; Calculator Type: N/A; Calculator Style: N/A; Power Source(s): Battery. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ti-89-titanium-programmable-graphing-calculator-calculator-graphing-dpcml1610-pack-of-2.html Chaney Instruments Accurite Alarm Clock http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instruments-accurite-alarm-clock.html Black Sydney- Features loud alarm, light, snooze. Luminous hands and hour markers for easy night viewing. Dimensions: 4"H x 4" W x 1-3/4"D http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instruments-accurite-alarm-clock.html The #1 Wedding Album http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/the-1-wedding-album.html The #1 Wedding Album http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/the-1-wedding-album.html Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS Blue http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ti-30xiis-blue.html TI-30X IIS combines statistics and advanced scientific functions together. It is a great choice for general math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and science classes. A menu system lets you select settings appropriate to your needs. It is a durable and affordable calculator for the classroom.The 2 line display shows entries and results and the top line scrolls so you can see up to 88 characters. This lets you check your equation for accuracy. Multiple conversions functions and the ability to use fractions make this calculator a highly versatile tool in and out of the classroom.Features:?Type: Scientific Calculator ?2-line display, 11 digit scrollable entry line with 10-digit answer and 2-digit exponent line. ?Performs basic scientific, trigonometric functions, logarithms, reciprocals, and factorials ?Equation recall feature allows you to recall, view, and edit previous entries ?Constant memory retains results even when calculator is turned off ?Two-variable statistics ?Slide-on hard case ?Solar powered with battery backup ?Brand: Texas Instruments ?Manufacturer Product # TI-30X-IIS Suggested Subjects/ Courses for TI-30X IIS:?General math, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Trigonometry, AP Calculus, Statistics, Biology, General Science, Chemistry, Physics. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ti-30xiis-blue.html Chaney Instruments Acu-Rite 01738 12.5-inch Eagle Thermometer http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instruments-acu-rite-01738-12.html 12.5 inch outdoor thermometer featuring a wild bald eagle graphic http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instruments-acu-rite-01738-12.html 90 Watt Texas Instruments Extensa 616CDT AC Power Adapter http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/90-watt-texas-instruments-extensa-616cdt-ac-power-adapter.html Texas Instruments Extensa 616CDT 19V, 4.74A, 90W AC Power Adapter http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/90-watt-texas-instruments-extensa-616cdt-ac-power-adapter.html Beatles Gear: All the Fab Four's Instruments from Stage to Studio (Book) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/beatles-gear-all-the-fab-four-s-instruments-from-stage-to-studio-book.html This landmark book details exactly which guitars, drums, amplifiers and keyboards The Beatles used at the key points of their relatively brief but entirely revolutionary career - from the formation of the Quarry Men in the 1950s to the dissolution of The Beatles in 1970. It provides a fascinating fresh insight into Beatles history from an entirely new viewpoint, and along the way many myths are exploded and dozens of stories told for the first time. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/beatles-gear-all-the-fab-four-s-instruments-from-stage-to-studio-book.html Davis Instruments Windex 10 Suspension Bearing http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/davis-instruments-windex-10-suspension-bearing.html Windex 10. Sport Sapphire suspension bearing, 10" vane (25 cm) and adjustable tacking arms with tabs. Vane and tabs feature reflectors for high visibility day and night. Includes glass reinforced polycarbonate J-Base for side, top or front of mast mounting on most dinghies, smaller boats and sport boats. Stands just 9.25" (23.5 cm) tall and weighs 1.2 ounces (31 g). http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/davis-instruments-windex-10-suspension-bearing.html Hohner Kids Mini Orchestra Set of 4 Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/hohner-kids-mini-orchestra-set-of-4-instruments.html This set of four colorful rhythm instruments is designed to lead children from the first discovery of noise and sounds into the creative world of making music. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/hohner-kids-mini-orchestra-set-of-4-instruments.html A Complete Guide to Brass Instruments and Techniques http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/a-complete-guide-to-brass-instruments-and-techniques.html This authoritative guide provides all the pedagogical, historical, and technical material necessary for the successful instruction of brass. Chapters discuss the historical development of individual brass instruments and focus on technique, including guidance for teachers and a complete method for brass playing. Individual instrument chapters include lists of recommended study material and reference sources. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/a-complete-guide-to-brass-instruments-and-techniques.html Dissecting Set - Advanced Anatomy Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/dissecting-set-advanced-anatomy-instruments.html Included in this fine set are: A Groved Director, 2 Micro Iris Scissors both straight and curved, #3 Scalpel Handle, #4 Scalpel Handle and 4 Scalpel Blades. Also features a Hook Retractor, Curved and Straight Halstead Mosquito Hemostatic Forceps, a Baumgartner Needle Holder, Hemostatic Tissue Forceps, 2 Fine Pattern Micro Forceps both straight and curved and Tissue Forceps with 2x3 teeth. There are also Curved Operating Scissors B/B, a Flexible Probe with Eye, a Meyerhoefer Ophthalmology Probe, Straight Operating Scissors S/S and Broad Point Forceps. All nicely presented in two leatherette zippered cases. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/dissecting-set-advanced-anatomy-instruments.html Not Until You've Done Your Practice: The classic survival guide for kids who are learning a musical instrument, but hate practicing http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/not-until-you-ve-done-your-practice-the-classic-survival-guide-for-kids-who-are-learning-a-musical-instrument-but-hate-practicing.html You've bought the instrument, you're paying for lessons...and your kid won't practice. Don't panic. Big print, cartoon filled survival guide for kids who love to play, but hate to practice. From Philip Johnston, author of The Practice Revolution, and founder of practicespot.com http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/not-until-you-ve-done-your-practice-the-classic-survival-guide-for-kids-who-are-learning-a-musical-instrument-but-hate-practicing.html Ferret Instruments 84 Digital Tach-Advance Timing Light http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ferret-instruments-84-digital-tach-advance-timing-light.html The Ferret Instruments digital tach-advance timing light's patented illuminator optics have several times the strobe brightness of typical timing lights and keeping the large bright spot on the mark is easy. Rugged and easy to hookup, it fits up to 8mm wires and plugs in for easy replacement. The high efficiency regulated power conversion lets the Ferret timing light run cooler and last longer than other timing lights. Power input clip lead pair has neoprene insulation, 16 gauge copper wire, and sturdy insulated clips. This light is constructed of impact resistant and electrically insulating plastic for survival in the shop environment that is required for a long and durable life. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ferret-instruments-84-digital-tach-advance-timing-light.html Audio-Technica AUDIO TECHNICA 1/4-1/425FT INSTRUMENT CABLE 25ft INSTRUMENT CABLE (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/audio-technica-audio-technica-1-4-1-425ft-instrument-cable-25ft-instrument-cable-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html AUDIO TECHNICA 1/4-1/425FT INSTRUMENT CABLE 25ft INSTRUMENT CABLE. <li>1/4"- 1/4" phono cable for connecting instruments to soundboard http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/audio-technica-audio-technica-1-4-1-425ft-instrument-cable-25ft-instrument-cable-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html Whimsical Watches Unisex G0510014 Wind Instruments Black Leather Watch http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/whimsical-watches-unisex-g0510014-wind-instruments-black-leather-watch.html Whimsical Watches are made by a team of Artists using hand-crafted Miniatures turning this fashionable watch into a wearable work of art. Our Watches are Seiko time pieces; comes with an Italian Leather Band, gift box with a limited 1 year warranty. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/whimsical-watches-unisex-g0510014-wind-instruments-black-leather-watch.html Universal Security Instruments USI-7795 120-Volt AC/DC Wired-In Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/universal-security-instruments-usi-7795-120-volt-ac-dc-wired-in-combination-smoke-and-carbon-monoxide-alarm.html <p>Interconnect up to 18 units, 12 smoke alarms maximum; when one alarm goes off all units sound their alarm</p><p>* Silence feature - convenient silence button with automatic reset allows you to temporarily override an alarm -</p><p>* eal for eliminating nuisance alarms</p><p>* Audible low battery indicator; alarm and power test buttons; includes a battery to power the alarm in the even</p><p>* f an AC power failure</p><p>* The alarm sounds with its loud 85 decibel horn and the red LED indicator flashes; green LED light indicates AC</p><p>* Power</p><p>* The quick-draw pull-out drawer makes battery replacement easy 604056</p> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/universal-security-instruments-usi-7795-120-volt-ac-dc-wired-in-combination-smoke-and-carbon-monoxide-alarm.html Music Instrument Instructional Video for Violin Beginners [Instruction Booklet Included] http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/music-instrument-instructional-video-for-violin-beginners-instruction-booklet-included.html This video series is designed to give you an overview of important information about your new instrument and to show you the various skills you will need to develop as you learn to play. This instructional tape and booklet is to help aspiring students and other beginners to get a good start and establish a solid foundation for study. Each tape takes the student through: Unpacking, assembly, instrument nomenclature, care and maintenance, posture, hand positions, notes, reading music, playing the instrument, and many more topics. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/music-instrument-instructional-video-for-violin-beginners-instruction-booklet-included.html Quantum Instruments XE4 Dedicated Module (Connection Cable) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/quantum-instruments-xe4-dedicated-module-connection-cable.html The Quantum XE4 connection cable will allow the Bantam or Battery 1 Compact (QB1c) battery packs to power a Metz 40MZ-series flash. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/quantum-instruments-xe4-dedicated-module-connection-cable.html Woodstock Calypso Drum Set Red Steel Drum Musical Instrument http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/woodstock-calypso-drum-set-red-steel-drum-musical-instrument.html Great calypso sound! This is a smaller version of the pan steel drums that are so famous in the Caribbean. Comes with stand, mallets and songbook.Dimensions: 10 in. DiameterAge or Grade: Ages 8+ http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/woodstock-calypso-drum-set-red-steel-drum-musical-instrument.html Navy Blue Neck Tie with Band Instruments ~ Great necktie for musicians or music teacher http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/navy-blue-neck-tie-with-band-instruments-great-necktie-for-musicians-or-music-teacher.html Navy blue neck tie with band instruments scattered over a subtle blue sheet music design, 100% polyester. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/navy-blue-neck-tie-with-band-instruments-great-necktie-for-musicians-or-music-teacher.html