www.InstrumentsFunStore.com | List of Products http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ Current product information from www.InstrumentsFunStore.com en-US Copyright 2018 InstrumentsFunStore.com Sun, 18 Feb 2018 13:51:16 -0600 Make Me an Instrument http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/make-me-an-instrument.html Make Me an Instrument http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/make-me-an-instrument.html Texas Instruments 89T/CLM Ti-89 Graphing Calc Titanium http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-89t-clm-ti-89-graphing-calc-titanium.html TI 89 Graphing Caclulator. The most advanced TI Graphing Handheld. Ideal for calculus! Now includes USB cable for computer connectivity. 4 AAA batteries. Back-up lithium battery. CBL2 and CBR compatible. Clam Shell http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-89t-clm-ti-89-graphing-calc-titanium.html MOTU MX4 Version 2 Multi Synthesizer Virtual Instrument (Mac Only) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/motu-mx4-version-2-multi-synthesizer-virtual-instrument-mac-only.html A virtual instrument plugin for MOTU DP4 (MAS), Pro Tools (RTAS) and other Mac OS X audio hosts (Audio Units). MX4 features a unique, hybrid synthesis engine that combines several forms of synthesis, including subtractive, wavetable, frequency modulation (FM), amplitude modulation (AM) and analog emulation. MX4?s flexible programming and advanced modulation architecture provide the intimacy of a vintage synth, the flexibility of a modular synth, and the innovation of a virtual synth. Version 2 is packed with major new features and hundreds of new presets that instantly expand your sonic palette. Best of all, MX4 Version 2 is a free upgrade to all MX4 Version 1 users! It all starts with the pulsating, rhythmic textures of MX4 V2's new Pattern Gate. More built-in effects Built-in effects allow you to incorporate the effect into your programmed presets, rather than having to apply them separately. MX4 Version 2 adds a flanger, phaser and all-important reverb. All of these effects are CPU efficient and add a broad new sonic palette for you to work with. Stereo Detune Try this: load a mono preset in MX4 Version 2 and listen to it?a pad for example. Now click the stereo button and play it again. Hear how it widens? Now drag the Stereo Detune slider to about 30%. What you'll now hear is nothing short of huge, spread across the stereo field. Now set the Unison Multiplier to 4, and get ready for really huge... Anti-aliased (band-limited) wavetables MX4 Version 2 ... http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/motu-mx4-version-2-multi-synthesizer-virtual-instrument-mac-only.html Universal Security Instruments SS-790 120-Volt AC/DC Wired-In Ionization Smoke and Fire Alarm http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/universal-security-instruments-ss-790-120-volt-ac-dc-wired-in-ionization-smoke-and-fire-alarm.html Universal Security Instruments SS-790 120-Volt AC/DC Wired-In Ionization Smoke and Fire Alarm http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/universal-security-instruments-ss-790-120-volt-ac-dc-wired-in-ionization-smoke-and-fire-alarm.html Aeris Instrument Bag, Gauge, Computer Padded Protection Sleeve Bag Scuba Dive Diving Diver Snorkel Snorkeling http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/aeris-instrument-bag-gauge-computer-padded-protection-sleeve-bag-scuba-dive-diving-diver-snorkel-snorkeling.html This is an Aeris Draw String Closure Padded Instrument, Gauge, Computer Sleeve that retails for $19.95+ tax. This handy bag features: Unreal Price Protect your valuable Instruments, Gauges, and Computers! Fits most Gauges and Computers Draw String Closure for Easy Use Protect your gear while on the boat or in transit Padded construction This Great Little Bag/Sleeve is what you need to protect your valuable Scuba Gear. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/aeris-instrument-bag-gauge-computer-padded-protection-sleeve-bag-scuba-dive-diving-diver-snorkel-snorkeling.html Starlight Instruments Large Diameter Celestron Thread Adaptor for NexStar 11" GPS, to Connect #FTF2008 (Shorty) Focuser http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/starlight-instruments-large-diameter-celestron-thread-adaptor-for-nexstar-11-gps-to-connect-ftf2008-shorty-focuser.html Starlight Instruments Large Diameter Celestron Thread Adaptor for NexStar 11" GPS, to Connect #FTF2008 (Shorty) Focuser http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/starlight-instruments-large-diameter-celestron-thread-adaptor-for-nexstar-11-gps-to-connect-ftf2008-shorty-focuser.html MH INSTRUMENTS RUMBLE ROAD ULTRA CHR 191 http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mh-instruments-rumble-road-ultra-chr-191.html Photo's are for reference only. Please read item title carefully. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mh-instruments-rumble-road-ultra-chr-191.html Planet Waves Classic Series Instrument Cable, 15 feet http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/planet-waves-classic-series-instrument-cable-15-feet.html Featuring our exclusive In=Out technology, Planet Waves cables offer extremely low capacitance for pure signal transparency. Classic Series cables feature nickel-plated plugs, ultra-pure, oxygen-free copper conductors, dense shielding - virtually eliminates triboelectric (handling) noise, and molded strain relief for lifelong durability. All Planet Waves cables are guaranteed for life! http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/planet-waves-classic-series-instrument-cable-15-feet.html Gluck - Iphigenie en Tauride (Iphigenia in Tauris): Boston Baroque - Premiere recording on period instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/gluck-iphigenie-en-tauride-iphigenia-in-tauris-boston-baroque-premiere-recording-on-period-instruments.html The most popular opera of Gluck might be <I>Orfeo ed Euridice</I>, but this one, <I>Iphignie en Tauride</I>, is probably his most dramatically involving. It is about familial love and deep friendship and, as such, lacks the usual "love" music and interest. But the waters here run deep, and Martin Pearlman and his singers plumb those depths. Christine Goerke's Iphignie is dignified, rich with expression and beautiful tone. Almost no less good is the Orestes of Rodney Gilfry, who uses his high baritone with intelligence and ease, singing tenderly when needed and explosively at other times. Vinson Cole brings grainy, expressive tenor to the role of Pylades firmly and effectively; and Stephen Salters, as the villainous Thaos, might sing coarsely, but it suits the character. Pearlman gets vivid, exciting playing from his period-instrument Boston Baroque and, on the second CD, offers a 28-minute, music-illustrated lecture after the close of the opera. The sound is luxurious and clear, and the singers' diction is superb. This set is a wonderful surprise--highly recommended. <I>--Robert Levine</I> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/gluck-iphigenie-en-tauride-iphigenia-in-tauris-boston-baroque-premiere-recording-on-period-instruments.html THERM NSF 7"ST ESPO/220-C, EA, 13-0702 COOPER INSTRUMENT CORP THERMOMETERS http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/therm-nsf-7-st-espo-220-c-ea-13-0702-cooper-instrument-corp-thermometers.html * Marked with correct temperature zones for food safety and product quality http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/therm-nsf-7-st-espo-220-c-ea-13-0702-cooper-instrument-corp-thermometers.html THERM W/CLIP&HANDL 50/550, EA, 13-0704 COOPER INSTRUMENT CORP THERMOMETERS http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/therm-w-clip-handl-50-550-ea-13-0704-cooper-instrument-corp-thermometers.html * Marked with correct temperature zones for food safety and product quality http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/therm-w-clip-handl-50-550-ea-13-0704-cooper-instrument-corp-thermometers.html The Instruments Of Classical Music: The Flute http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/the-instruments-of-classical-music-the-flute.html The Instruments Of Classical Music: The Flute http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/the-instruments-of-classical-music-the-flute.html Monster Studio Pro 1000 Instrument Cable (12 Feet) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/monster-studio-pro-1000-instrument-cable-12-feet.html Monster's Most Advanced Instrument Cablefor the Clearest, Most Accurate Sound Reproduction This is it: the reference instrument cable used by topartists, award-winningengineers and producers to deliver every nuance oftimbre and tonality duringperformances and recording sessions. Studio Pro 1000features Monster'stop cable technologies including 3-way BandwidthBalanced construction,patented MicroFiber dielectric and Time Correctmultiple gauge high,mid and low frequency wire networks for extremelyaccurate sonic reproduction.When you're ready to capture your music with ultimateclarity, detailand depth ...you're ready for Studio Pro 1000. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/monster-studio-pro-1000-instrument-cable-12-feet.html Traders, Guns and Money: Knowns and Unknowns in the Dazzling World of Derivatives: AND Mastering Financial Calculations, a Step-by-step Guide to the Mathematics of Financial Market Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/traders-guns-and-money-knowns-and-unknowns-in-the-dazzling-world-of-derivatives-and-mastering-financial-calculations-a-step-by-step-guide-to-the-mathematics-of-financial-market-instruments.html Traders, Guns and Money: Knowns and Unknowns in the Dazzling World of Derivatives: AND Mastering Financial Calculations, a Step-by-step Guide to the Mathematics of Financial Market Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/traders-guns-and-money-knowns-and-unknowns-in-the-dazzling-world-of-derivatives-and-mastering-financial-calculations-a-step-by-step-guide-to-the-mathematics-of-financial-market-instruments.html City of Ashes (Mortal Instruments) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/city-of-ashes-mortal-instruments.html Clary Fray just wishes that her life would go back to normal. But what's normal when you're a demon-slaying Shadowhunter, your mother is in a magically induced coma, and you can suddenly see Downworlders like werewolves, vampires, and faeries? If Clary left the world of the Shadowhunters behind, it would mean more time with her best friend, Simon, who's becoming more than a friend. But the Shadowhunting world isn't ready to let her goespecially her handsome, infuriating, newfound brother, Jace. And Clary's only chance to help her mother is to track down rogue Shadowhunter Valentine, who is probably insane, certainly eviland also her father.<P>To complicate matters, someone in New York City is murdering Downworlder children. Is Valentine behind the killingsand if he is, what is he trying to do? When the second of the Mortal Instruments, the Soul-Sword, is stolen, the terrifying Inquisitor arrives to investigate and zooms right in on Jace. How can Clary stop Valentine if Jace is willing to betray everything he believes in to help their father? <P>In this breathtaking sequel to <I>City of Bones</I>, Cassandra Clare lures her readers back into the dark grip of New York City's Downworld, where love is never safe and power becomes the deadliest temptation. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/city-of-ashes-mortal-instruments.html Faze Performance Instruments - Reverse Street Fuzion EL Oil Pressure Electrical Gauge (883211) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/faze-performance-instruments-reverse-street-fuzion-el-oil-pressure-electrical-gauge-883211.html <li>2" Housing Diameter<li><li>0-100 psi range<li>90 sweep<li>Red LED-lined pointer<li>Vibration-proof air-core construction<li>Proprietary pointer hub design (eliminates light leakage)<li>Ultra-slim styling<li>360-degree blue electro-luminescent backlighting<li>5 shades of blue-to-green with Digital Morphing Controller<li>Brushed aluminum bezel<li>Replacement bezels available in 5 colors<li>Full one-year warranty<li>Sending unit, SAE & Metric adapters and accessories included<li>Power supply for electroluminescent backlighting included<li>Instruction manual included<li>ASE-certified technical support available http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/faze-performance-instruments-reverse-street-fuzion-el-oil-pressure-electrical-gauge-883211.html MONSTER CABLE P500-1-21 PROFESSIONAL INSTRUMENT CABLE (21 FT; STRAIGHT) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/monster-cable-p500-1-21-professional-instrument-cable-21-ft-straight.html PERFORMER 500 REPRODUCES NATURAL TIMBRE & COMPLEX TONALITY OF ALL INSTRUMENTS ; BALANCED DESIGN FOR ACCURATE FREQ RESP & WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE ; 95% COVERAGE COPPER-BRAIDED SHIELD REJECTS RFI & EMI FOR A LOWER NOISE FLOOR & INCREASED RESOLUTION ; ISOTEC VIBRATION TECHNOLOGY FURTHER REDUCES HANDLING NOISE; EXTRA-FLEXIBLE DURAFLEX OUTER JACKET FOR SUPERIOR RELIABILITY & CUT RESISTANCE ; INTERCHANGEABLE COLOR O-RING AVAILABLE IN BLUE RED GREEN & YELLOW ATTACHES TO EACH CONNECTOR FOR CUSTOMIZED IDENTIFICATION ; HEAVY-DUTY MOLDED CONNECTOR DESIGN INCREASES ;DURABILITY & RESISTS DAMAGE ; 24K GOLD .25 CONTACT TERMINALS FOR MAXIMUM CONDUCTIVITY & CORROSION RESISTANCE ; LIFETIME WARRANTY; MODEL NO. P500-1-21; 21-FT STRAIGHT .25 PLUGS http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/monster-cable-p500-1-21-professional-instrument-cable-21-ft-straight.html Messermeister Culinary Instruments 6-Inch Cheese and Tomato Knife http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/messermeister-culinary-instruments-6-inch-cheese-and-tomato-knife.html Ideal for slicing soft-skinned fruits and vegetables as well as hard exterior, soft interior foods such as baguettes. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/messermeister-culinary-instruments-6-inch-cheese-and-tomato-knife.html Derma Blade Shave Biopsy Instrument, 50/bx http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/derma-blade-shave-biopsy-instrument-50-bx.html A surgical instrument for shave biopsies, with a unique flexible design that can be used to remove surface proturberances, as well as deep lesions. Reducing ragged skin edges. Special sure-grip side teeth facilitate a 3-digit grip to provide stability, control, direction, and prevent slipping. DermaBlade is also ideal to harvest skin grafts from donor areas to repair Mohs defects. Can be done quickly with minimal preparation of donor area. Very easy to prepare grafts of varying thickness as appropriate for repair needs. Until now, performing a shave biopsy usually meant sacrificing safety, efficiency, or effectiveness. That's why Dermablade was designed specifically for shave biopsies, with a unique look and feel that will make your job easier than ever. The DermaBlade is a flexible, one piece blade specifically designed for shave biopsy and excision of skin lesions. The cutting edge of the stainless steel blade is sharpened, honed, and coated with a friction reducing polymer. Bonded to plastic grips that are designed to provide a secure grip between the gloved thumb and finger. Blade flexes and can be held at whatever angle is necessary for lesion removal. Overcomes the inherent disadvantages of the razor blade and offers greater convenience and safety. DermaBlade is also ideal to harvest skin grafts from donor areas to repair Mohs defects. Can be done quickly with minimal preparation of donor area. Very easy to prepare grafts of varying thickness as appropriate for repair needs. The product referenced on this detail page is sold be 50/box. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/derma-blade-shave-biopsy-instrument-50-bx.html Musical Instruments Music School Pencil. 36 Each D2259 http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instruments-music-school-pencil.html Great tool to have and use in your music class. Find the names and match them to the musical instruments ont he pencil. Great pencil to give to any music lover or your music students! http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instruments-music-school-pencil.html Puzzled Peg Puzzle Large - Music Instruments Wooden Toys http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/puzzled-peg-puzzle-large-music-instruments-wooden-toys.html These high-quality wooden puzzles are colorful, fun and come in a wide variety of classic themes. Each piece has a small peg placed in it to assist little ones in developing their motor skills through play. Over 15 themes to choose from! http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/puzzled-peg-puzzle-large-music-instruments-wooden-toys.html 64 Barracuda/Valiant instrument cluster bezel http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/64-barracuda-valiant-instrument-cluster-bezel.html 64 Barracuda/Valiant instrument cluster bezel http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/64-barracuda-valiant-instrument-cluster-bezel.html Shadow Dances: Stravinsky Miniatures http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/shadow-dances-stravinsky-miniatures.html One of the earliest recordings by Orpheus was a Stravinsky LP of the works <i>Orpheus</i> and <i>Danses concertantes</i> for the Pro Arte label, still available as Deutsche Grammophon 459644 and still a sparkling example of Stravinsky style. This new collection includes works for such diversified scorings as pairs of bassoons or trumpets, wind octet, and full string orchestra. The alert, heads-up style of Orpheus's playing makes all the music come alive, through such a diversity of moods and styles as the early, lightweight Suites for Small Orchestra, the bubbling neo-Baroque cleverness of the Wind Octet, and the serious, thoughtful demeanor of the ConcertoinD. Since there is such a variety of Stravinsky moods and styles on this disc, it's equally recommendable as a library supplement for a diehard Stravinsky lover or as an introduction for a Stravinsky neophyte. And it is highly recommended. <i>--Leslie Gerber</i> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/shadow-dances-stravinsky-miniatures.html Milwaukee Instruments 10.01 Calibration Solution, Single Use Packet http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/milwaukee-instruments-10.html The Milwaukee Instruments Calibration Solution is for use with or use with aquarium pH meters to measure the pH in saltwater aquariums http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/milwaukee-instruments-10.html 55-57 CORVETTE INSTRUMENT LENS SET http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/55-57-corvette-instrument-lens-set.html 55-57 CORVETTE INSTRUMENT LENS SET, INCLUDES SPEEDOMETER, TACH & CLOCK FACE WITH TACH, GAUGE & CLOCK LENSES http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/55-57-corvette-instrument-lens-set.html Parallax Instruments 6" OD Standard Hinged Tube Rings for D&G's 5" Refractor and Tech 140 APO http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/parallax-instruments-6-od-standard-hinged-tube-rings-for-d-g-s-5-refractor-and-tech-140-apo.html A set of two Aluminum Standard Hinged Telescope Tube Rings, pre-drilled for mounting, with 1/4-20 threads. These 6" OD Telescope rings fit the D&G's 5" Refractor and Tech 140 APO. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/parallax-instruments-6-od-standard-hinged-tube-rings-for-d-g-s-5-refractor-and-tech-140-apo.html Africa Works: Disorder as Political Instrument (African Issues) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/africa-works-disorder-as-political-instrument-african-issues.html How do political systems in Africa work? How are the prospects for reform and renewal in African societies affected by the emerging elites? And is "modernization" in Africa different? The authors conclude that relations of power between rulers and the ruled continue to inform the role of the state and the expectations of the newly emphasized civil society, a process they call "re-traditionalizing." http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/africa-works-disorder-as-political-instrument-african-issues.html Meet the Orchestra: First Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/meet-the-orchestra-first-instruments.html Meet the Orchestra: First Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/meet-the-orchestra-first-instruments.html Itzhak Perlman's Greatest Hits http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/itzhak-perlman-s-greatest-hits.html Itzhak Perlman's Greatest Hits http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/itzhak-perlman-s-greatest-hits.html Blue Steel Audio Visual & Instrument Cart http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/blue-steel-audio-visual-instrument-cart.html STEEL AUDIO VISUAL AND INSTRUMENT CART Give valuable equipment a safe ride on this AV cart! Safely transport and store electronic and other valuable equipment on sturdy shelves with a 1/2" lip that helps retain cargo. Top shelf is lined with a non-slip vinyl mat. Rolls smoothly on ball bearing, rubber casters. Shelves adjust on 4" increments. Convenient push handle and cabling holes. Includes a handy 4-outlet power strip with 15-ft. 3-wire cord. 250 lb. capacity. Easy assembly. 5 Year Limited Warranty. 25.00 L. 20.00 W. 7.50 H. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/blue-steel-audio-visual-instrument-cart.html Chaney Instruments Acu-Rite 75077 Wireless Weather Forecaster with Remote Sensor and Atomic Clock http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instruments-acu-rite-75077-wireless-weather-forecaster-with-remote-sensor-and-atomic-clock.html Wireless indoor/outdoor self-calibrating weather forecaster with a 14 day learning mode and 14 different weather conditions. Includes daily highs and lows and minimum and maximum memory. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instruments-acu-rite-75077-wireless-weather-forecaster-with-remote-sensor-and-atomic-clock.html Raymarine Console Mounting Bracket, ST40 Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/raymarine-console-mounting-bracket-st40-instruments.html Console Mounting Bracket, ST40 Instruments Aluminum bracket allows for tabletop, console, or overhead mounting of ST40 Instruments Includes bracket and mounting hardware. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/raymarine-console-mounting-bracket-st40-instruments.html Mini Musical Instrument - Xylophone http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mini-musical-instrument-xylophone.html Stimulate young minds and encourage creativity with these fun musical instruments. Each instrument plays 3 different songs with buttons to push and colorful flashing lights. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mini-musical-instrument-xylophone.html Mag Instrument ST2D096 2 ''D'' Maglite LED http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mag-instrument-st2d096-2-d-maglite-led.html High intensity light beam. 1 2 turn, twist focus, spot to flood. Interchangeable light sourcing use either the installed LED module or the Krypton lamp (stored in tailcap). High strength aluminum alloy case. O ring sealed for water resistance. Vented tailcap reduces chance of gas buildup. Compact, lightweight construction. Limited lifetme warranty in the Western Hemisphere and Japan. 10 year limited warranty elsewhere. All Mag flashlights are designed, patented, and manufactured in the U.S.A. May contain some imported components. Requires 2 ''D'' batteries, not included. No. ST2D016: Black No. ST2D096: Gray http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mag-instrument-st2d096-2-d-maglite-led.html Berg: Chamber Concerto; Three Orchestral Pieces, Op. 6; Violin Concerto http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/berg-chamber-concerto-three-orchestral-pieces-op.html No doctrinaire theorist, Berg composed communicative, emotional music without compromising his technical sophistication and atonal allegiances. The Chamber Concerto has its knotty moments, but also considerable charms. Barenboim's big-hearted, romantic pianism plays off Gawriloff's tart violin, the piquant winds, and Boulez's controlled leadership. The Three Pieces is as close as Berg ever came to writing a symphony; its mix of powerful orchestral outbursts and elegant section writing are reminiscent of Berg's beloved Mahler. The Violin Concerto's ardent warmth and tender lyricism, expressing Berg's meditations on death and redemption (including a direct quote from a Bach cantata) after the untimely passing of Manon Gropius, make it irresistible. The fine performance offers an alternative view to classic older recordings by Louis Krasner and Isaac Stern. Including most of his key instrumental works, this disc is an ideal introduction to Berg's genius. <i>--Dan Davis</i> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/berg-chamber-concerto-three-orchestral-pieces-op.html Rhapsody of Beats - Percussion Instruments of Kerala http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/rhapsody-of-beats-percussion-instruments-of-kerala.html ---- Previews on : TravelKerala . TV ----Percussion instruments can be termed as almost all pervasive in the world of music. It is essentially a means for rhythm, which is vital to most forms of music. The sounds, vibrations and the tone of percussion instruments vary according to the size and nature of materials used to make them.Most of the percussion instruments used in Kerala are chiefly made of wood and with playing surfaces made of animal skin. The instruments are played either with sticks or with fingers and palms of the hand or a combination of all the three. Among them one could find unique ones like the Mizhavu, the popular Chenda, the divine Thimila, the classical Mridangam and the smallest of percussion instruments used in Kerala - Thappu.This video film showcases percussion instruments of Kerala with highlights on its manufacturing, style of playing, traditions attached and their role in the socio-cultural and religious life of Kerala, India.- Precussion instruments in Kerala are Thappu, Mizhavu, Maddalam, Mridangam, Thakil, Thimila, Edakka and Chenda.Panchavadyam - Panchavadyam is the most popular and traditional orchestra of Kerala. The word Panchavadyam means five instruments, comprising Maddalam, Edakka, Thimila, Ilathalam and the horn Kombu. Panchavadyam is performed by a group of artists standing in rows facing each other. Panchavadyam is of significance during most of the festival occasions, religious processions and also during cultural events. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/rhapsody-of-beats-percussion-instruments-of-kerala.html 4" Protractor Plastic - CHL77104 Charles Leonard Drawing Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/4-protractor-plastic-chl77104-charles-leonard-drawing-instruments.html 4" Protractor Plastic http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/4-protractor-plastic-chl77104-charles-leonard-drawing-instruments.html Audio-Technica ATR-1200 Cardioid Dynamic Vocal/Instrument Microphone http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/audio-technica-atr-1200-cardioid-dynamic-vocal-instrument-microphone.html You dont have to be an audio professional to experience the remarkable microphones of Audio-Technica. Designed for advanced amateur use, the ATR1200 delivers clear, natural sound for vocals & instruments. And like the other microphones in the ATR series, it offers the astonishing clarity and durable construction that has made the Audio-Technica name renowned in the pro audio world. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/audio-technica-atr-1200-cardioid-dynamic-vocal-instrument-microphone.html #1 Bach Album http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/1-bach-album.html #1 Bach Album http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/1-bach-album.html mag instrument inc Halo Magcharger Lamp bulb flashlight & lantern http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mag-instrument-inc-halo-magcharger-lamp-bulb-flashlight-lantern.html Bi-Pin, Halogen, Magcharger Replacement Lamp, For Use With Magcharger 6V Ni Cad Rechargeable Flashlight, Improved To Be 30% Brighter Than The Previous Lamp. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mag-instrument-inc-halo-magcharger-lamp-bulb-flashlight-lantern.html Chaney Instruments Sojourn LCD Travel Alarm Clock http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instruments-sojourn-lcd-travel-alarm-clock.html Sojourn- LCD travel clock with .7"display. Case folds for use as a cover for traveling or stand for bedside use. 4-minute snooze. Backlight. PM and Alarm On indicators. Dimensions: 3-1/4H x 2-1/2W x 3-1/2 D http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instruments-sojourn-lcd-travel-alarm-clock.html Pintoy Solid wooden Drum, Toy Musical Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/pintoy-solid-wooden-drum-toy-musical-instruments.html New! PINTOY products are manufactured in Thailand using rubberwood from latex plantations. The trees are cut for replanting when they no longer produce enough latex, then the wood is recovered as a by-product. Studies show that rubber plantations can be as efficient as natural forest in removing carbon-dioxide from the air, by converting it into rubber latex, soil and wood - making rubberwood an environmentally friendly choice. Pintoy provides you with quality products that are beautiful, traditional, and fun, and that provide a connection to nature through the use of wood.Pintoy toys are tested against the most stringent safety test including the European toy safety standard EN71 to ensure physical and mechanical safety. This beautiful wooden drum is decorated with colorful graphics and the drumstick has a rubber head to create a soft sound. The tones created vary, depending upon where on the top surface that the drum is struck. Childsafe and childproof, this drum also stimulates a child's spatial perception and motor skills through rythmic and melodic play. Drum is 7.5 inches across and 3.75 inches high. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/pintoy-solid-wooden-drum-toy-musical-instruments.html All Star Bass: Bass as a Solo Instrument http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/all-star-bass-bass-as-a-solo-instrument.html ALL STAR BASS - DVD Movie http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/all-star-bass-bass-as-a-solo-instrument.html Baby Einstein - Meet the Orchestra - First Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/baby-einstein-meet-the-orchestra-first-instruments.html A playful introduction to musical instruments and their sounds!<br>-- Exposes little ones to the sights and sounds of an orchestra<br>-- Features children playing musical instruments<br><br>At 12 months, babies can identify specific sounds, and they re also starting to match the sounds they hear with the objects that make them. Meet the OrchestraTM -- First Instruments presents your little "maestro" with a playful introduction to the sights and sounds of a real orchestra -- from the clashing of cymbals to the purring of the cello and everything in between! One of the greatest joys parents experience is the first time their child sings a song or picks up a musical toy and starts to play. Music appreciation begins early, and this resoundingly entertaining program encourages musical exploration with fun puppet shows, captivating real-world images and beautiful music by Beethoven, Brahms, Joplin, Haydn, Mozart and Strauss. It s a great way for you and your little one to start off on the right note! <br><br>DVD Features<br>-- Repeat play<br>-- Language tracks (Spanish, French and English)<br>-- Discovery cards<br>-- Toy chest<br>-- Maestro's recital<br>-- Guess the musical instrument<br>-- Puppet shows<br>-- About Little Einsteins (Available in French and English only) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/baby-einstein-meet-the-orchestra-first-instruments.html Audix i-5 Instrument Microphone with Cab Grabber and Cable http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/audix-i-5-instrument-microphone-with-cab-grabber-and-cable.html This Package Contains One Audix I5 Instruments Microphone; One Audix Cab Grabber guitar/bass Amp Mount/Clamp; One 20 Foot XLR to XLR Microphone Cable http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/audix-i-5-instrument-microphone-with-cab-grabber-and-cable.html ULTRONICS 10 Minute Instrument Disinfectant (Model: UL0045) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ultronics-10-minute-instrument-disinfectant-model-ul0045.html -For metal only-One pint in a uniquely designed pre-measured bottle-Makes 64 quarts http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ultronics-10-minute-instrument-disinfectant-model-ul0045.html Quantum Instruments QT52 Replacement / Universal Charger 100-240V for Quantum Turbo Batteries (QTB) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/quantum-instruments-qt52-replacement-universal-charger-100-240v-for-quantum-turbo-batteries-qtb.html The QT52 universal charger is a 100-240volt replacement charger for Quantum Instruments Turbo batteries (QTB) and comes with 4 plug adapters US, UK, EURO, Australia, for use internationally. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/quantum-instruments-qt52-replacement-universal-charger-100-240v-for-quantum-turbo-batteries-qtb.html Classic Cardiology Stethoscope by MDF Instruments Direct, Maliblu - 1 Ea http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/classic-cardiology-stethoscope-by-mdf-instruments-direct-maliblu-1-ea.html INDICATIONS: MDF Classic Cardiology Stethoscope is one of the finest in auditory diagnostics available for medical professionals on the shelves today. The Classic Cardiology Stethoscope provides accurate auscultation of heart, lung and blood pressure tones and ergonomically designed components provide extended usage comfort. Chestpiece: The Dual-Head chestpiece and full-rotational Acoustic Valve Stem are machined and polished to the exact tolerance from the finest stainless steel. The Diaphragm is fitted with an ultra-sensitive Diaphragm sealed by the Diaphragm Retaining Ring to produce optimum amplification and high frequency transmission of heart and lung sounds at 100 to 1000Hz. The extra large and deep cone-shaped Bell detects acoustic sensitivity at low frequency sound transmission at 20-100 Hz. Diaphragm and Bell are crowned with a non-chill durable PVC Diaphragm Retaining Ring and Bell Ring to provide greater patient comfort. ErgonoMax Headset: Polished stainless steel headset provides superior acoustic transmission. Enclosed double internal spring and MDF ComfortSeal Eartips are ergonomically designed for long lasting fit and comfort. Acoustic Tubing: Combined dual acoustic tubes with enlarged internal acoustic pathway in the Y configuration sustains the superiority of double tube acoustic transmission and eliminates internal acoustic leakage and external interference. Acoustic Tubes are constructed of non-cracking, non-sticking high-density latex-free PVC. Accessories: Additional (2) ComfortSeal Eartips, (1) ultra-sensitive Diaphragm and (1) ID tag. Available in 5 colors: Abyss, NoirNoir, Blackout, Napa, Maliblu. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/classic-cardiology-stethoscope-by-mdf-instruments-direct-maliblu-1-ea.html Chavez - Toccata For Percussion Instruments - II. Largo http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chavez-toccata-for-percussion-instruments-ii.html Chavez - Toccata For Percussion Instruments - II. Largo http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chavez-toccata-for-percussion-instruments-ii.html Dental Instrument Cassette, EFESS-8 http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/dental-instrument-cassette-efess-8.html Dental Instrument Cassette, EFESS-8. Double sides. Made of stainless steel and polished surface for rust free performance. Exterior dimensions: 188mm x 135mm x 25mm. Have 8 instruments capacity (max length 184mm). Cassette only. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/dental-instrument-cassette-efess-8.html Hal Leonard Virtual Drumline 2.5 Marching and Concert Percussion Software Instrument http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/hal-leonard-virtual-drumline-2.html Virtual Drumline has made its mark as the industry standard for marching and concert percussion sounds. Composers, percussionists, studio musicians and educators alike will discover a sonic onslaught of variety in Virtual Drumline, featuring the world champion percussion section of the Santa Clara Vanguard. Using Virtual Drumline along with your favorite music composition software will arm you with an enormous palette of percussive possibilities. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/hal-leonard-virtual-drumline-2.html Davis Instruments 8226B CarChip Pro (New Model) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/davis-instruments-8226b-carchip-pro-new-model.html The CarChip Pro (# 8226) data logger records vehicle trip and performance data to provide a detailed history of driver performance and vehicle operation. Recorded data includes: trip start and end times, vehicle speeds, rates of acceleration and braking, and any detected OBDII trouble codes. The CarChip Pro also provides additional vehicle monitoring capabilities including the logging of additional engine data parameters and detailed accident data for all sudden stops. It can also emit an audible alarm whenever a driver exceeds user-determined speed limits. Using the included CarChip software, you can see the logged data in summary, record, plot, or table formats and also export it to other applications. The CarChip Pro data logger plugs into your cars OBDII port and is compatible with most passenger cars and light trucks model years 1996 and later. All CarChip Pros require CarChip software version 2.3 or later. Easy installation: plug it in under the dash, drive your vehicle, then download the data to your PC. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/davis-instruments-8226b-carchip-pro-new-model.html Chaney Instruments Acu-Rite 01360 12.5-inch Basic Thermometer http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instruments-acu-rite-01360-12.html 12.5 inch outdoor thermometer with the basic background and easy to read numbers http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instruments-acu-rite-01360-12.html Custom Musical Instruments - Acoustic Guitar , Electric Guitar , Drum Sticks , Microphone (for Lego Minifigures) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/custom-musical-instruments-acoustic-guitar-electric-guitar-drum-sticks-microphone-for-lego-minifigures.html Mini instruments for Lego Minifigures are here! Bring down the house by creating your own minifig rock band. Both the Acoustic and Electric Guitar feature a 1.5mm half-round neck and rear connection point so your guitarist can tap and thrash all night long. A set of Drumsticks round out the set - giving your drummer some tokens to toss into the crowd at the end of the show. Don't forget to place a few of our Microphones at center stage before raising the curtain. It's going to be a great show!<br><br>><bAcoustic Guitar:</b> Features realistic detail and a rounded neck for easy grip. The reverse side has a standard connection point for when your traveling minifig musician needs to sling it onto his back.<br><br><b>Electric Guitar:</b> features realistic detail and a rounded neck for easy grip. The reverse side has a standard connection point for when your traveling minifig musician needs to sling it onto his back.<br><br><b>Drumsticks:</b>No drummer should be without a set of these to toss into the crowd at the end of a show. Use for marching bands, disheartening war percussion or as a simple decorative element in your custom creations. Fits most standard minifig hands<br><br><b>Microphone:</b>Your musicians can't be hear without them! Fits most standard minifig hands or create your own microphone stands <br><br><b>PLEASE NOTE: MINIFIGURES NOT INCLUDED</b> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/custom-musical-instruments-acoustic-guitar-electric-guitar-drum-sticks-microphone-for-lego-minifigures.html Play the Blues Overnight: Composer & Performer Patty Carlson Shows You How - Lesson 2, Sequel to Play the Piano Overnight (Applies to Synthesizers and Other Keyboard Instruments) [VHS] http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/play-the-blues-overnight-composer-performer-patty-carlson-shows-you-how-lesson-2-sequel-to-play-the-piano-overnight-applies-to-synthesizers-and-other-keyboard-instruments-vhs.html Play the Blues Overnight: Composer & Performer Patty Carlson Shows You How - Lesson 2, Sequel to Play the Piano Overnight (Applies to Synthesizers and Other Keyboard Instruments) [VHS] http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/play-the-blues-overnight-composer-performer-patty-carlson-shows-you-how-lesson-2-sequel-to-play-the-piano-overnight-applies-to-synthesizers-and-other-keyboard-instruments-vhs.html MDF Instruments MDF515BT11 Babinski Buck Reflex Hammer -Black http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mdf-instruments-mdf515bt11-babinski-buck-reflex-hammer-black.html MDF Innovation > MDF Babinski-Buck Reflex Hammer is a 5-in-1 multi-functional hammer designed to perform all reflex tests with less effort and greater patient comfort by combining the functions and features of an integrated Babinski-Tip dual-mallet buck percussor screw-in pointed-tip and retractable brush into one reflex hammer.Head: The balance-weighted head is outfitted with a large and small mallet constructed of TPR for precise percussions. Handle: The ergonomic chrome-plated brass handle is precisely balanced for increased control of force in the percussions to elicit myotatic reflexes. Retractable Brush:The built-in retractable brush at the base of the handle can be easily accessed to elicit cutaneous reflexes. Babinski Tip: The built-in retractable brush at the base of the handle can be easily accessed to elicit cutaneous reflexes. Integrated Pointed Tip: The recessed chrome-plated brass head is equipped with a screw-in pointed tip for pinprick cutaneous reflex testing. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mdf-instruments-mdf515bt11-babinski-buck-reflex-hammer-black.html Texas Instruments TI-84 Special Edition Graphing Calculator (Dark Pink) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ti-84-special-edition-graphing-calculator-dark-pink.html MODEL- TI84PLUSSLVRPINK VENDOR- TEXAS INSTRUMENTS FEATURES- TI84 Plus Graphics Calculator- Metallic Silver finish Includes TI Graph LINK for Windows and four AAA batteries. An enhanced version of the TI-83 Plus, the TI-84 Plus offers a built-in USB port, 3x the memory of the TI-83 Plus, many preloaded Apps, an improved display, and more! Because the TI-84 Plus is 100% keystroke-for-keystroke compatible with the TI-83 Plus, integrating it into your classroom will be easy! With the TI-84 Plus, all students can now share their work by connecting their TI-84 Plus to any TI presentation tools for the whole class to see, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Plus, a built-in USB port makes data transfer to your computer and between handhelds easier than ever. The TI-84 Plus handheld is fully loaded with convenient features and accessories, including a kickstand slide case, compatibility with TI presentation tools on every unit and more! up-to-date functionality and software applications (Apps). Plus and TI-84 Plus Silver Edition graphing handhelds, and more. transferred to and from a computer and printed or stored on disk. CBL/CBR Conic Graphing Inequality Graphing Probability Simulations Science Tools StudyCards TImeSpan Topics in Algebra 1, Chapter 5 Topics in Algebra 1, Chapters 1-4 Transformation Graphing with 10 digits plus a 2-digit exponent. expressions, and 3 recursively-defined sequences. time. and phase plots. integrals, and derivatives. drawn. reduced row echelon form, and elementary row operations. Convert matrices to lists and vice-versa. logistic, sinusoidal, median-median, linear, logarithmic, exponential, power, quadratic poly http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ti-84-special-edition-graphing-calculator-dark-pink.html Maywa Denki Otamatone Music Instrument (Yellow) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/maywa-denki-otamatone-music-instrument-yellow.html Most musical instruments don't have faces. It's a shame, really, as almost everything can be made better with a cute face. Well, fear not friends, as we've found one of the cutest musical instruments ever - and it has a face! It's straight from Japan, and it's called the Otamatone Electronic Instrument. We'll give you a little idea of how this adorable thing works, we'll show you a little video of it in action, and then we'll set you off on your merry way to sing your own songs.Ok, so in theory, playing the Otamatone Electronic Instrument is unbelievably easy. You place your finger on the stem to select the pitch. To get vibrato (or any sort of wah-wah effects), you just squeeze the note's rubber cheeks repeatedly. This will open and close the little dude's mouth. Now, we did say easy in theory. That's because the strip on the stem has no pitch labels or frets, so you really have to have a good ear. That said, you can easily just slide between notes, both for ease of playing and for even more musical effect. The Otamatone Electronic Instrument is wacky, adorable, distinctive, and can be a great instrument for some unique electronic performances. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/maywa-denki-otamatone-music-instrument-yellow.html Monster P500-I-12 Performer 500 1/4-Inch Instrument Cable (12 Feet) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/monster-p500-i-12-performer-500-1-4-inch-instrument-cable-12-feet.html Advanced Technologies Help Produce Allthe Detailed Tonality Your Instrument can Deliver Musicians like you have made Monster Instrument our most popularcable unlike ordinary cables, it was designed to capture your instrument'sextended frequency response,natural warmth and delicate overtones.Dualsolid core conductors deliver the transient punch,clarity,and harmonic detailsinherent in your tone.A dense,braided shield rejects interference,and patentedMicroFiber dielectric provides isolation of magnetic fields inside the cableto deliver more of your instrument's warmth, character, and energy into the room. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/monster-p500-i-12-performer-500-1-4-inch-instrument-cable-12-feet.html Hello Kitty Christmas Gift Licensed Electronic Toy Violin Musical Instrument Brown Japan Version http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/hello-kitty-christmas-gift-licensed-electronic-toy-violin-musical-instrument-brown-japan-version.html Hello Kitty Musical ViolinApproximately 9 inches in height(while on the stand) 3 inches in length and 1 1/2 inches thickNote: Not a real violin http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/hello-kitty-christmas-gift-licensed-electronic-toy-violin-musical-instrument-brown-japan-version.html Instrument - Ten Years with the Band Fugazi http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/instrument-ten-years-with-the-band-fugazi.html This DVD features a collaboration between filmmaker Jem Cohen and the Washington D.C. band Fugazi, covering the 10 year period of 1987-1996. Far from a traditional documentary, this is a musical document; a portrait of musicians at work. The project mixes sync-sound, 16mm. Super-8 video and a wide range of archival formats, including concert footage, studio sessions practice, touring, interviews and portraits of audience emembers from around the country. Special DVD features include 3 extra live tracks and 2 short films by Jem Cohen. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/instrument-ten-years-with-the-band-fugazi.html RAM Instrument Gamma 1 LED Light, Blue LED, Black Case http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ram-instrument-gamma-1-led-light-blue-led-black-case.html Sturdy key chain ring.Super bright L.E.D. light. Long lasting bulb and battery. 2 function switch for momentary or constant on/off. Visible up to one mile. 12-14 hour blue LED bulb with black case. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ram-instrument-gamma-1-led-light-blue-led-black-case.html Aviation Training Center [Six VHS Tapes] Numbers 1 through 6: Instrument Rating http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/aviation-training-center-six-vhs-tapes-numbers-1-through-6-instrument-rating.html Aviation Training Center [Six VHS Tapes] Numbers 1 through 6: Instrument Rating http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/aviation-training-center-six-vhs-tapes-numbers-1-through-6-instrument-rating.html Anarchy Men's Instrument Oversized Sunglasses http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/anarchy-men-s-instrument-oversized-sunglasses.html Yeah, you were born with everything it takes to be a total badass. The Anarchy Instrument Sunglasses are just a tool to help you keep your badassery intact.<br /><br /><b>Product Features</b><ul style="list-style-type: disc; margin-left: 25px;"><li>Frame: Nylon</li><li>Hinge Type: Wire core barrel</li><li>Lens: Polycarbonate</li><li>Interchangeable Lens: No</li><li>Polarized: No</li><li>Frame Measurements: </li><li>Face Size: Medium to large</li><li>Case Type: </li><li>Nose Pads: Yes </li><li>Arm Pads: No</li><li>Recommended Use: Streetwear</li><li>Manufacturer Warranty:</li></ul> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/anarchy-men-s-instrument-oversized-sunglasses.html Texas Instruments TI1795SV Solar Calculator http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ti1795sv-solar-calculator.html TI Mine Desktop Calculator http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ti1795sv-solar-calculator.html Native Instruments TRAKTOR DUO DJ Software, ¹ http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/native-instruments-traktor-duo-dj-software.html Using the experience of nearly a decade of TRAKTOR software research and development, TRAKTOR DUO is streamlined and focused to give DJs the essential features they need to spin digital. Boasting two state-of-the-art playback decks, a selection of professional-quality effects, an easy-to-use interface, and premium sound quality, TRAKTOR DUO puts the world's best-selling DJ software within easy reach no matter your experience or budget. At the heart of TRAKTOR DUO are two playback decks with plenty of useful and creative features, including auto beat grid and precise beat detection. The Sync Lock function makes sure that once tracks are beat-matched they will never drift out of time, and intelligent loop and cue functions even let you remix tracks on the fly.Both playback decks integrate a 3-band EQ and classic filters giving you complete control of your tracks' sound. For even deeper sonic transformations, TRAKTOR DUO software comes with six high-quality effects: tempo-synched filter, delay, flanger and reverb, as well as the unique beatmasher and gator effectsbuilt with Native Instruments' groundbreaking REAKTOR technology. The high contrast, scalable fonts and intelligent grouping of graphic elements ensure an unparalleled ease of use and super-fast workflow. The intuitive Crate Flick search lets you visually flip through your collection by cover artjust like flipping through a record cratemaking finding that next track both fun and easy. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/native-instruments-traktor-duo-dj-software.html Davis Instruments Navigation Rules Quick Reference Card http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/davis-instruments-navigation-rules-quick-reference-card.html A proven navigation tool used by the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Power Squadrons, and U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Navigation Rules feature U.S. Buoyage System, inland and international rules, right-of- way, lights, sound signals, and bridge signals. All presented in graphic summary and easy to read. Complete, precise, accurate. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/davis-instruments-navigation-rules-quick-reference-card.html Rare Instruments of Inida http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/rare-instruments-of-inida.html Rare Instruments of Inida http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/rare-instruments-of-inida.html Audio Technica At8314-10 Xlrf-Xlrm Balanced Cable (10 Ft) (Electronics-Other / Instrument Cables) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/audio-technica-at8314-10-xlrf-xlrm-balanced-cable-10-ft-electronics-other-instrument-cables.html AUDIO TECHNICA AT8314-10 XLRF-XLRM BALANCED CABLE (10 FT). ENGINEERED FOR MAXIMUM SIGNAL TRANSFER & MINIMUM LOSS, DESIGNED FOR LOW-IMPEDANCE OPERATION, HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION & PROFESSIONAL NEUTRIK CONNECTORS, INDIVIDUAL CONDUCTOR SPIRAL SHIELDS INSIDE, CONDUCTIVE PVC LAYER INSIDE EACH SHIELD DISSIPATES STATIC BUILDUP DURING FLEXING, 10 FT http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/audio-technica-at8314-10-xlrf-xlrm-balanced-cable-10-ft-electronics-other-instrument-cables.html Biosig Instrument EXERLOPERS PATENTED NO-IMPACT RUNNING SHOES http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/biosig-instrument-exerlopers-patented-no-impact-running-shoes.html Biosig Instrument EXERLOPERS PATENTED NO IMPACT RUNNING SHOES Exerlopers are a unique type of running shoes that is fundamentally changing the experience of running and fitness http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/biosig-instrument-exerlopers-patented-no-impact-running-shoes.html Monster Standard 100 Instrument Cable 12 Ft. - Angled to Straight 1/4 Plugs (S100-I-12A) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/monster-standard-100-instrument-cable-12-ft.html 12 ft. - angled to straight 1/4 plugs http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/monster-standard-100-instrument-cable-12-ft.html Universal Security Instruments SS-770-LR 9-Volt Battery Ionization Smoke and Fire Alarm with Large Ring Mounting Bracket http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/universal-security-instruments-ss-770-lr-9-volt-battery-ionization-smoke-and-fire-alarm-with-large-ring-mounting-bracket.html SS770LR Make sure your home is as safe as possible with the 9V Smoke and Fire Alarm. Your home should be equipped with a smoke and fire alarm in every room to ensure optimum saftey for you and your family Features: -White finish -Operates on battery power only -Accomodates one 9V battery (included) About Craftmade Craftmade International, Inc. was founded in 1985 and based in Coppell, Texas. They design, distribute and market superior quality ceiling fans, light kits and related accessories. Craftmade's extensive product line includes 20 collections,127 models of ceiling fans and over 100 compatible lighting fixtures in a variety finishes. The design features of Craftmade ceiling fans make the line one of the most reliable, durable and energy efficient available today. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/universal-security-instruments-ss-770-lr-9-volt-battery-ionization-smoke-and-fire-alarm-with-large-ring-mounting-bracket.html Pyle INSTRUMENT/SAXAPHONE XLRCONDENSER MICROPHONE (Pro Sound & Entertainment / Microphones) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/pyle-instrument-saxaphone-xlrcondenser-microphone-pro-sound-entertainment-microphones.html INSTRUMENT/SAXAPHONE XLRCONDENSER MICROPHONE. <li>Perfect for trumpet, saxaphone, flute, silent brass and all wind Instrument <li>Back electret condenser element with uni-directional polar pattern<li>Frequency Response: 50Hz- 16KHz <li>Sensitivity: -46dB 3dB and maximum input of SPL: 130dB <li>XLR Plug connector<li>Requires 48V phantom power <li>Includes windscreen clip and adapter for phantom 48V power http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/pyle-instrument-saxaphone-xlrcondenser-microphone-pro-sound-entertainment-microphones.html Native Instruments FM7 Soft Synth VST Native, Hybrid http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/native-instruments-fm7-soft-synth-vst-native-hybrid.html Not only does the FM7 read the complete sound library from the classic FM synths, it adds distortion and filter operators, extensive modulation capabilities, a comprehensive effects section, audio input, and much more to the traditional FM architecture. An intuitive user interface makes it easy to explore the fascinating possibilities of FM. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/native-instruments-fm7-soft-synth-vst-native-hybrid.html Woodstock Percussion ZENERGY Zenergy Chime - Solo Percussion Instrument http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/woodstock-percussion-zenergy-zenergy-chime-solo-percussion-instrument.html Just a gentle tap with the mallet and the single rod emits a powerful tone of singular beauty that lasts and lasts. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/woodstock-percussion-zenergy-zenergy-chime-solo-percussion-instrument.html Chaney Instruments Acu-Rite 01738 12.5-inch Eagle Thermometer http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instruments-acu-rite-01738-12.html 12.5 inch outdoor thermometer featuring a wild bald eagle graphic http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instruments-acu-rite-01738-12.html Arturia Prophet-V 2.0 Virtual Instrument Software http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/arturia-prophet-v-2.html As with all other soft synths created by Arturia, Prophet-V 2.0 brings you replicas of its inspirations, the Prophet-5 and Prophet VS, both visually and sonically. Using the Prophet-V 2.0 virtual instrument will be second nature for the connoisseurs. However, if you are new to these synths, the only thing you will miss by not having the hardware versions is the workout from transporting them to the studio. Finally, since the Prophet-V 2.0 virutal synthesizer is designed with Arturia's TAE technology, you can be sure you will not be giving up any sound quality.Prophet 5 InterfaceThe virtual emulation offered in the Prophet-V 2.0 is an exact replica of the original instrument and uses the same subtractive synthesis model. Subtractive synthesis refers to the filtering of sounds in a specific way in order to create harmonically rich waveforms and new timbres. Arturia's reproduction of subtractive synthesis with TAE guarantees the sound quality of the virtual instrument.The Arturia Prophet-V 2.0 soft synth carries all of the original parameters, and the 40 original presets of the Prophet 5. The potentiometers or switches associated to these 54 parameters will permit you to create an infinite variety of sounds that were native to the original synthesizer.In the Arturia Prophet 5 soft synth you will find:Compatibility with the presets of the original synthesizer2 analog oscillators (TAE technology)1 white noise module1 low-pass resonance filter2 ADSR envelopes1 LFOPoly Mod section (which allows you to apply FM on oscillator A and on the filter)Prophet VS InterfaceThe Prophet VS uses wave table or vector oscillators. In this type of synthesis, the oscillator waveforms are digitally stored in a table which the user can freely select, depending on the texture of the sound that is required. With the VS you can recreate that classic 80's wave table synthesis sound within your computer. The virtual synthesizer gives you 96 digitally samp http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/arturia-prophet-v-2.html Texas Instruments TI Connectivity Kit with USB Cable http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ti-connectivity-kit-with-usb-cable.html Get connected to your computer, and expand the capabilities of your Texas Instruments graphing calculator with the Texas Instruments TI Connectivity Kit with USB Cable. It will make all the difference when it's time to get connected with your graphs. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ti-connectivity-kit-with-usb-cable.html Vivaldi For Diverse Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/vivaldi-for-diverse-instruments.html Vivaldi For Diverse Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/vivaldi-for-diverse-instruments.html Precision Micro-Dissecting Instruments - Set AAA http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/precision-micro-dissecting-instruments-set-aaa.html 1 Pair Fine Tip Dissecting Scissors - 4" Straight - Pair Fine Tip Dissecting Scissors - 4" Curved - 1 Pair Westcott Self Opening Micro Scissors - 4" Straight - 1 Pair Self Closing Micro Dissecting Forceps - 4" Straight - 1 Pair Fine Point Micro Dissecting Forceps - 4" Straight - 1 Pair Fine Point Micro Dissecting Forceps - 4" Curved - 1 Micro Dissecting Needle - Straight - 1 Micro Dissecting Needle - Bent @ 45 - 1 Micro Dissecting Scalpel 18 x 3mm Blade (") - 1 Micro Dissecting Scalpel 30 x 3mm (1") - 1 #7 Scalpel Handle - 2 #10 Scalpel Blade - 2 #11 Scalpel Blade-2 #12 Sclapel Blade - 2 #15 Scalpel Blade - Zippered Leatherette Instrument Case http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/precision-micro-dissecting-instruments-set-aaa.html TIF Instruments (TIF9622B) Low Side R12 and R22 Auto Glycerine Refrigerant Gauge http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/tif-instruments-tif9622b-low-side-r12-and-r22-auto-glycerine-refrigerant-gauge.html <ul>Low Side R12 and R22 Auto Glycerine Refrigerant Gauge</ul> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/tif-instruments-tif9622b-low-side-r12-and-r22-auto-glycerine-refrigerant-gauge.html IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik Orchestra Virtual Instrument Workstation http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ik-multimedia-miroslav-philharmonik-orchestra-virtual-instrument-workstation.html The Miroslav Philharmonik orchestra workstation from IK Multimedia combines the legendary Miroslav Orchestral and Choir sample collection masterpieces with a dedicated virtual instrument plug-in specifically tailored toward classical sounds and arrangements. Miroslav orchestral samples are some of the most playable and inspiring sounds ever produced for symphonic arrangements and composition. They've set the atmosphere of hundreds of movies and productions and have become the tool of choice for many Oscar winning composers. This sound collection contains some of the most beautiful and lush sounding orchestral samples ever recorded, with plenty of feeling and emotion. Miroslav was able to bring out the rich character of symphonic music with a special sound that is unique and powerfully expressive. For incredible acoustic realism, the string, brass, and woodwind sections have been captured in the proper acoustic orchestral positions inside one of the world's most famous symphony halls, Prague's Dvork Symphony Hall. No need for simulation with panning, just call up the elements of the orchestra and instantly sound like a symphony. These sounds have a texture, warmth, and beauty that is unique in the sample world. The Miroslav Philharmonik's virtual orchestra plug-in is based on an enhanced version of the SampleTank workstation architecture, offering 16 multitimbral parts, with full control over the tempo and pitch of the sounds. Each of the 16 multitimbral parts can be loaded by selecting one of more than 1,300 orchestral instruments included in Philharmonik. All of the virtual instruments can be easily found in neatly organized folders within the browser window. The multitimbral parts can also be saved as combi ensembles, allowing you to load an entire orchestral set with one click. Additionally, each part also offers up to 50 sound-shaping controls, for maximum flexibility over sound sculpture.The IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik also offers a master effec http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ik-multimedia-miroslav-philharmonik-orchestra-virtual-instrument-workstation.html Musical Pin With Dangling Instruments, Vintage Jj In Pewter http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-pin-with-dangling-instruments-vintage-jj-in-pewter.html Made in USA http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-pin-with-dangling-instruments-vintage-jj-in-pewter.html Shure WA302 Instrument Cable for Body-Pack Transmitters, 2' http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/shure-wa302-instrument-cable-for-body-pack-transmitters-2.html The Shure WA302 Body Pack Instrument cable connects the T1, UT1, SC1, PG1, PGX1, SLX1, LX1, ULX1, UC1, UR1, UR1M and U1 body-pack transmitter to a guitar or other instrument. Features a 2.5 foot (.75 m), length with 1/4-inch plug and 4-pin mini connector (TA4F) (supplied with instrument systems). http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/shure-wa302-instrument-cable-for-body-pack-transmitters-2.html Musical Instruments Religious 100% SILK Neck Tie. Men's NeckTie. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instruments-religious-100-silk-neck-tie-men-s-necktie.html 100% SILK music appreciation tie with religious phrases. Antonio Ricci Couture NeckTie. This is a great music lovers neck tie with a pattern of violins, cellos, horns, basses, saxaphones, butterflies, keyboard, and music notes all over with a light green background. In addition, it has phrases such as, "how great thou art", "worship", "amazing grace...", and "praise". This is perfect to wear around the holidays during this festive season. Adefinite conversation piece.<p>This is a standard length men's tie which is 56 inches long and 4 inches wide at the bottom.</p> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instruments-religious-100-silk-neck-tie-men-s-necktie.html Clinton 5-Leg Space Saver Instrument Stand http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/clinton-5-leg-space-saver-instrument-stand.html Features of the Clinton 5-Leg Space Saver Instrument Stand: Narrow base makes close positioning and storage easy. Stable, 5-leg nylon base. Easy positioning with no need to tip style base. Removable stainless steel tray. Dual wheel casters. 1" chrome plated pole and frame. Knob height adjustment. Base Diameter: 19". Height Range: 31"-50". The product referenced on this detail page is sold be Each. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/clinton-5-leg-space-saver-instrument-stand.html Quantum Instruments QF62Bg Bare Bulb Enhancer for T4D - Gold http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/quantum-instruments-qf62bg-bare-bulb-enhancer-for-t4d-gold.html QUANTUM QF62Bg BARE BULB ENHANCER FOR USE WITH ALL QFLASH MODELS http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/quantum-instruments-qf62bg-bare-bulb-enhancer-for-t4d-gold.html Drive Medical Mayo Instrument Stand with Mobile 5" Caster Base, Chrome http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/drive-medical-mayo-instrument-stand-with-mobile-5-caster-base-chrome.html Casters provide additional mobility and convenience. Removable stainless steel tray measures 19" x 12 1/2"Tray height adjusts from 291/2" to 47" with lock. Limited Lifetime Warranty. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/drive-medical-mayo-instrument-stand-with-mobile-5-caster-base-chrome.html Cazadores de sombras 3, Ciudad de Cristal (Spanish Edition) (Cazadores De Sombras / Mortal Instruments) (Spanish Edition) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/cazadores-de-sombras-3-ciudad-de-cristal-spanish-edition-cazadores-de-sombras-mortal-instruments-spanish-edition.html Cazadores de sombras 3, Ciudad de Cristal (Spanish Edition) (Cazadores De Sombras / Mortal Instruments) (Spanish Edition) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/cazadores-de-sombras-3-ciudad-de-cristal-spanish-edition-cazadores-de-sombras-mortal-instruments-spanish-edition.html TEXAS INSTRUMENTS BA-2-PLUS Calculator, Financial, NFV,MIRRModified Duration,Payback,Discount Payback http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ba-2-plus-calculator-financial-nfv-mirrmodified-duration-payback-discount-payback.html TEXAS INSTRUMENTS BA-2-PLUS Calculator, Financial, NFV,MIRRModified Duration,Payback,Discount Payback http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/texas-instruments-ba-2-plus-calculator-financial-nfv-mirrmodified-duration-payback-discount-payback.html 1969 CAMARO INSTRUMENT PANEL ASSIST HANDLE http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/1969-camaro-instrument-panel-assist-handle.html 1969 CAMARO INSTRUMENT PANEL ASSIST HANDLE http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/1969-camaro-instrument-panel-assist-handle.html 85, GE, AUTOMOTIVE, MINIATURE, INDICATOR, #193, BULK, BULBS, are, 1.06" LONG, CLEAR, LIGHT BULB, is 14 VOLTS, MINI, LIGHT BULBS, MINI BULB, is WEDGE BASED, for, AUTO, INSTRUMENTS, BOATS, CARS, TRUCKS, RV'S, 193, MINIATURE BULB, NO BOXES, [BOOK], UCP043168 http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/85-ge-automotive-miniature-indicator-193-bulk-bulbs-are-1.html 85, GE, AUTOMOTIVE, MINIATURE, INDICATOR, #193, BULK, BULBS, are, 1.06" LONG, CLEAR, LIGHT BULB, is 14 VOLTS, MINI, LIGHT BULBS, MINI BULB, is WEDGE BASED, for, AUTO, INSTRUMENTS, BOATS, CARS, TRUCKS, RV'S, 193, MINIATURE BULB, NO BOXES, [BOOK], UCP043168199216 http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/85-ge-automotive-miniature-indicator-193-bulk-bulbs-are-1.html Essential Purcell http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/essential-purcell.html No Description Available.<br><b>Genre: </b>Classical Music<br><b>Media Format: </b>Compact Disk<br><b>Rating: </b><br><b>Release Date: </b>22-APR-1997 http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/essential-purcell.html Foerster Sponge Forceps 9.5" Str Gyno Surgical Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/foerster-sponge-forceps-9.html Foerster Sponge Forceps 9.5" Str Gyno Surgical Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/foerster-sponge-forceps-9.html Jeppesen Instrument Commercial http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/jeppesen-instrument-commercial.html Jeppesen's Guided Flight Discovery Instrument/Commercial textbook provides the most complete explanations of aeronautical concepts for pilots pursuing a instrument rating or commercial certificate. This colorful textbook is your primary source for initial study and review. It includes the Principles of Instrument Flight, The Flight Environment, Instrument Charts and Procedures, Aviation Weather and IFR Flight Operations and Commercial Pilot Operations, as well as an introductory look at Building Professional Experience. The most comprehensive and visually appealing Instrument/Commercial textbook ever! The Instrument/Commercial textbook is your primary source for initial study and review to achieve an instrument rating or commercial pilot certificate. The intuitive organization and colorful presentation of the manual will help you learn quickly from the start. The text contains complete and concise explanations of the advanced concepts and ideas that every instrument and commercial pilot needs to know with the subjects arranged in a logical manner to build upon previously introduced topics. You can expand your knowledge of specific subjects and the world of aviation by exploring the Discovery Insets, which are strategically placed throughout the chapters. To help you understand how your mind and body function while you fly, human factors principles are presented in Human Element Insets. Throughout the manual, concepts that directly relate to FAA test questions are described in FAA Question Insets. To help you effectively review material, key terms are highlighted throughout the text and listed at the end of each section along with a checklist, which summarizes important concepts. Additionally, you can evaluate your understanding of material by completing the associated questions at the end of each section. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/jeppesen-instrument-commercial.html Celtic Musical Instruments - Instrumental Celtic http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/celtic-musical-instruments-instrumental-celtic.html Celtic Musical Instruments - Instrumental Celtic http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/celtic-musical-instruments-instrumental-celtic.html Mel 8704R Paranormal Ghost Hunting 3 in 1 Instrument New http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mel-8704r-paranormal-ghost-hunting-3-in-1-instrument-new.html Mel Meter 8704-R with ir safe Red Backlight Display is Designed Exclusively For Paranormal InvestigatorsELF Range down to 30Hz ! This is 20Hz lower than the KII.Custom Dual Display Correlates EMF & Temperature Cold Spots Simultaneously!EMF "Burst" Mode Feature for Tracking Dynamic EMF movementMeasurement Ranges: 20, 200, 2000 uTesla 200, 2000, 20,000 mGauss http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mel-8704r-paranormal-ghost-hunting-3-in-1-instrument-new.html Instruments of the Orchestra: Saint-Saens: The Carnival of the Animals: The Cuckoo http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/instruments-of-the-orchestra-saint-saens-the-carnival-of-the-animals-the-cuckoo.html Instruments of the Orchestra: Saint-Saens: The Carnival of the Animals: The Cuckoo http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/instruments-of-the-orchestra-saint-saens-the-carnival-of-the-animals-the-cuckoo.html RAM Instrument Watch RAMW41200R Dive Watch, Red Face (41200 Series) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ram-instrument-watch-ramw41200r-dive-watch-red-face-41200-series.html RAM Instrument Watch RAMW41200R Dive Watch, Red Face (41200 Series)Stainless Steel Case with resin bezel and a durable, black PU strap. 200 Meter water resistant case with stainless steel back. Easy-to-read luminous hands and markers make it easy view time, even in total darkness. Rugged Japanese quartz movement easily stands up to everyday use and continues to reliably function. Uni-directional bezel with luminous reference point and 5 minute indicators. Anti-scratch mineral glass crystal. Red Face, with date window. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ram-instrument-watch-ramw41200r-dive-watch-red-face-41200-series.html Mel-8704 Paranormal Instrument with EMF Meter - Ambient Thermometer - Light Source http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mel-8704-paranormal-instrument-with-emf-meter-ambient-thermometer-light-source.html Mel-8704 Paranormal Instrument with EMF Meter - Ambient Thermometer - Light Source http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mel-8704-paranormal-instrument-with-emf-meter-ambient-thermometer-light-source.html Barbra Streisand...And Other Musical Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/barbra-streisand.html A mulitcultural musical potpourri, Barbra's fifth television spectacular is her most adventurous. Performing a startling array of new songs and classic hits, with genre-bending arrangements, Barbra Streisand...and Other Musical Instruments is a feast for the eyes and ears. <P>Track Listings: <BR> Medley: Sing/Make Your Own Kind Of Music [Act 1]<BR> Piano Practicing [Act 1]<BR> Medley: I Got Rhythm/Johnny One Note/One Note Samba/Glad To Be Unhappy/People/Second Hand Rose/Don't Rain On My Parade [Act 1]<BR> Don't Ever Leave Me [Act 2]<BR> Monologue [Act 2]<BR> By Myself [Act 2]<BR> Come Back To Me [Act 2]<BR> Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma [Act 2]<BR> Crying Time [Act 2]<BR> Sweet Inspiration/Where You Lead [Act 2]<BR> Lied: Auf Dem Wasser Zu Singen [Act 3]<BR> I Never Has Seen Snow [Act 3]<BR> On A Clear Day You Can See Forever [Act 3]<BR> Medley: The World Is A Concerto/Make Your Own Kind Of Music [Act 3]<BR> The Sweetest Sounds [Act 3] http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/barbra-streisand.html Fxpansion DCAM Synth Squad Virtual Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/fxpansion-dcam-synth-squad-virtual-instruments.html DCAM: Synth Squad delivers the satisfaction of playing real analog instruments in software! Advanced modelling technology carefully reconstructs the soul of dusty vintage circuits within your computer, for the vibe of hardware at a fraction of the cost.At the heart of DCAM: Synth Squad are 3 modeled synthesizers Strobe, Amber and Cypher bulging with the immense weight and power of old-school analog. These are no mere emulations stunted by the limitations of the past. Instead, they combine the best features from legendary machines with new and exciting ideas to drag them kicking and screaming into the modern world.Oscillators ooze immense sound pressure, amp stages can be overloaded for extra grit, and real-world chaos can be dialed into the circuit for delicious instability. These synths don't break with extreme settings, so you can abuse them more than you can the real thing. Meanwhile, the intuitive TransMod modulation system brings your sounds to life in new and expressive ways. Fusor, a versatile sound-design environment that can layer and keysplit 3 instances of the DCAM synths, is also included. It provides a variety of ways to add new dimensions to your sounds with high-quality FX, extra modulation, and an advanced step-sequencer/arpeggiator.Strobe performance synth with a cutting modern edgeDesigned to be as easy to program and satisfying to play as an analog monosynth, Strobe also adds polyphony, osc-stacking, a versatile multimode filter, and deep modulation to create a modern classic. Strobe specializes in no-nonsense analog-style leads, sick basses, and complex pads.Strobe's design is motivated by the immediacy and simplicity of classic performance synths like the Roland SH101 and SH-09, Oberheim OB-1, and Yamaha CS-10. Such synths are not overly endowed with complex controls as a result it's difficult to make a bad sound with them and they beg to be played. Similarly, Strobe features a relatively simple architecture, allo http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/fxpansion-dcam-synth-squad-virtual-instruments.html Musical Instruments VHS http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instruments-vhs.html Current research indicates that early exposure to classical music stimulates a baby's mind and aids in the development of creativity, motor coordination, and emotion. Much like the <I>Baby Einstein</I> series, this 26-minute tape combines lively classical music with brightly colored, boldly patterned animated animals for a virtual feast for the eyes and ears. Each of 10 distinct instruments is associated with a particular animal: A cat bobs along in a boat to the accompaniment of a flute playing the familiar Bach "Polonaise and Badinerie," and a giraffe plays hide-and-seek behind tall buildings while a bassoon plays Mozart's "Bassoon Sonata." Other familiar tunes include the Clarke's "Trumpet Voluntary," Bach's "Prelude in Cminor," and Haydn's "Oboe Concerto." The video is divided into five sections, each of which features two animal-instrument combinations complete with explanatory titles. This format facilitates viewing in short time increments--a practice especially recommended for the youngest infants. Older, more verbal toddlers will delight in guessing what animal or familiar object will appear next, and often create elaborate stories to accompany the images on the screen. This is a visually and aurally stimulating introduction to classical music that both parents and children will enjoy. <I>--Tami Horiuchi</I> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instruments-vhs.html The Art Of The Theremin http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/the-art-of-the-theremin.html In 1927, two remarkable people arrived in the United States after lengthy and successful tours of Europe: Lev Sergeivitch Termen (anglicized to Leon Theremin) and Clara Rockmore (whose maiden name was Clara Reisenberg). Theremin was a young Russian physicist who was demonstrating a new musical instrument that he invented. The instrument was played by the motion of the musician's hands in the space surrounding the instrument. Clara Rockmore, a professional violinist from the age of 9, became aware of the musical potential of Theremin's invention. She spent several years collaborating with Theremin during which time he developed his invention into a sensitive, wide-range musical instrument. Clara subsequently embarked on a performance career that encompassed well over a hundred concerts, including appearances with major symphony orchestras, and set the definitive standard for theremin performance technique.<P>To play the theremin, the performer stands in front of the instrument, a little left of center. The feet are spread slightly to keep the body as motionless as possible. To determine the pitch of the instrument's tone, the player varies the distance between her right hand and the pitch antenna. When the instrument is properly tuned, the pitch goes from lower than two octaves below middle C when the player's right hand is back at her shoulder, to approximately 2 1/2 octaves above middle C when the player's hand barely touches the pitch antenna. To determine the loudness of the instrument's tone, the player varies the distance between her left hand and the middle of the volume antenna. Maximum loudness occurs when the hand is removed from the antenna; complete silence occurs when the hand is an inch or so from the loop.<P>The thereminist must move her hands with incredible precision as well as speed if she wishes to play distinct notes with correct intonation. Ms. Rockmore actually uses fingering patterns to play the most rapid passages. For instance, if she were to play an upward arpeggio, she would start on the lowest note with right hand tilted back and fingers withdrawn. To play the next note she would abruptly move her hand forward from the wrist, while keeping her right arm motionless. The third note would be played by rapidly extending the little finger, and the fourth note by extending one or two more fingers while simultaneously turning the wrist sideways to bring the newly-extended fingers nearer to the pitch antenna. She would then continue the arpeggio by moving her whole arm closer to the pitch antenna while drawing her hand and fingers back, then repeating the above-described succession of movements. At the same time, she may articulate each individual pitch by rapidly shooting the fingers of her left hand into the volume antenna loop, then withdrawing them, to silence the tone during the very short periods of time that her right hand moves from one pitch to another. No other theremin player has ever mastered this difficult and intricate technique for playing rapid successions of precise pitches - "aerial fingering" as one reviewer termed it. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/the-art-of-the-theremin.html Music Pro Guides: Logic 7 - Instruments and Plug-Ins http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/music-pro-guides-logic-7-instruments-and-plug-ins.html The true power of Logic Pro 7 lies in its virtual instruments, synthesizers, sampling power and its vast array of incredible software plug-ins. The more you know about using these revolutionary music production tools, the better your Logic Pro 7 experience will be. In this extended program, instructor Andrew Eisele takes you on an in-depth tour of each of Logic Pro 7's virtual instruments, including the ES1, ES2, and EXS24 Sampler, as well as Ultrabeat, and Sculpture. He'll demonstrate advanced sequencing techniques, explain signal flow, and guide you through the functionality of oscillators, modulators and filters - fundamental components of nearly all synthesizers. In the second half of the program, Andrew demonstrates many of Logic's standard plug-ins, such as Space Designer, so you can begin using these features in your own production work right away. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, this DVD will enhance your understanding of Logic Pro 7 and uncover its true potential. 149 minutes. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/music-pro-guides-logic-7-instruments-and-plug-ins.html Davis Instruments Telescoping Paddle and Boat Hook http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/davis-instruments-telescoping-paddle-and-boat-hook.html Telescoping Paddle/Boat Hook Combination, 32 in. to 5 ft. 6 in. (80 to 170 cm) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/davis-instruments-telescoping-paddle-and-boat-hook.html Embroidered Infant Rib Knit Beanie with the image of: native instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/embroidered-infant-rib-knit-beanie-with-the-image-of-native-instruments.html <ul><li>4.7-ounce, 100% rib knit ring spun combed cotton</li><li>One Size Fits Most</li><li><b>Please note in the diagram that the picture that will be embroidered is the one blown up in the diagram - not the small image on the item.</b></li></ul> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/embroidered-infant-rib-knit-beanie-with-the-image-of-native-instruments.html Messermeister 900-58 Culinary Instruments Swivel Peeler http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/messermeister-900-58-culinary-instruments-swivel-peeler.html Ideal for peeling vegetables and fruits. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/messermeister-900-58-culinary-instruments-swivel-peeler.html Ancient Chinese Musical Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ancient-chinese-musical-instruments.html The ancient people of China had the view It was said in ancient times that music was sacred. Confucius, the founder of Confucianism, had the theory that music and ritual enjoy equally important position, and playing musical instruments is an important way to develop virtues. According to historical records, there were already about 70 kinds of musical instruments in Zhou Dynasty 3000 years ago. Some of them have been handed down and become vivid symbols of the mentality of the Chinese nation, while some have been lost in history and become the mysterious sounds in the memory and imagination of later generations. The ancient Chinese musical instruments, through their strong or subtle expressions, artistically record the track of the spirit and fashion of the Chinese society and inspire the emotions of generations of Chinese people.<p><i>This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media. Amazon.com's standard return policy will apply.</i> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ancient-chinese-musical-instruments.html Instrument Gauge Bezel http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/instrument-gauge-bezel.html <p>Bezel, Instrument, Chrome. These bezel covers take just seconds to install and add beauty of chrome to your dashboard. Sold ea.</p>. Fits 00-later speedometer and tachometer gauges on Sportster, Dyna (except FXDWG), FLHT and FLTR, Trike models. . 74541-00 http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/instrument-gauge-bezel.html Springfield Precision Instruments 14" Metal Garden Thermometer with Clock and Hygrometer http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/springfield-precision-instruments-14-metal-garden-thermometer-with-clock-and-hygrometer.html 14" Metal Garden Thermometer with Clock and Hygrometer http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/springfield-precision-instruments-14-metal-garden-thermometer-with-clock-and-hygrometer.html Drive Medical 13071 Mayo Instrument Stand with 5 Casters http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/drive-medical-13071-mayo-instrument-stand-with-5-casters.html The Drive Medical Mayo-Instrument Stand with 5" Casters, provide additional mobility and convenience. Tray height adjusts from 29.5" to 47" with lock. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/drive-medical-13071-mayo-instrument-stand-with-5-casters.html Chaney Instrument 6 Inch Brass Finish Thermometer With Bracket http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-6-inch-brass-finish-thermometer-with-bracket.html The large 6" face makes this thermometer easy to see right out your window. Wall bracket included for mounting on your house or fence. Metal case with a convex glass lens. Coil movement. Temperature range is from 20 below zero to 120 above. Also includes Celsius readings. Made in China. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-6-inch-brass-finish-thermometer-with-bracket.html Music Drum Instrument Decorative Protector Skin Decal Sticker for Nintendo DS Lite http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/music-drum-instrument-decorative-protector-skin-decal-sticker-for-nintendo-ds-lite.html This 4-piece skin set is made out of premium grade vinyl that does not add any volume or weight to your DS Lite, keeping it original with a great new look. It features ultra-high resolution, brilliant full-color design that are processed with UV resistant inks on self-adhesive vinyl. It is coated with an extra layer of water-proof, smooth high-glossy protective film for the ultimate durability. Once applied, it covers up old ugly scratches, and like a thin membrane, it protects and buffers the device surface from occasional nicks and scratches. it leaves no harmful residue when removed and does not void your device warranty.<p>Nintendo DS Lite is not included. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/music-drum-instrument-decorative-protector-skin-decal-sticker-for-nintendo-ds-lite.html Weems & Plath Anniversary Collection Instrument Wood Base http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/weems-plath-anniversary-collection-instrument-wood-base.html Mahogany finish base with round brass feet. A special design feature allows the ship's bell chime to resonate from the clock so the sound is heard clearly. The keyhole in the rear provides convenient storage for 8-day wind key. Dims: 22 x 6 x 10. Wt: 5 l http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/weems-plath-anniversary-collection-instrument-wood-base.html Piano Socks Musical Instrument Keyboard Sox http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/piano-socks-musical-instrument-keyboard-sox.html Music-themed socks! <br><br> Put a spring in your favorite musician's step with these cute socks printed with piano keys! Comfy cotton/polyester/spandex knit keeps their shape as you play on! <br><br> Fits women's shoe sizes 4-10. Imported. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/piano-socks-musical-instrument-keyboard-sox.html Rubbermaid Plastic Instrument Cart 200 Lb. Capacity http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/rubbermaid-plastic-instrument-cart-200-lb.html RUBBERMAID PLASTIC INSTRUMENT CART Durable and smooth plastic construction is non-conductive, easy to clean and corrosion resistant. Locking Cabinet (26"L x 17-1/2"W x 11-1/2"H) protects valuables. Sliding Top Drawer (19"L x 15-3/4"W x 1-3/4"D) offers convenient storage for tools and supplies. Shelves have lip to retain cargo. 9-3/4" shelf clearance. Ergonomic easy-grip handles on each end offer easy steering. Rolls quietly on 4" non-marking rubber swivel casters. Assembles easily. 18.00 L. 30.00 W. 12.00 H. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/rubbermaid-plastic-instrument-cart-200-lb.html [Itm] Curved, 5", 12 cm [Acsry To]: K?nig Surgical Instruments - Hemostat, Halste... see description http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/itm-curved-5-12-cm-acsry-to-k-nig-surgical-instruments-hemostat-halste.html [Item]: Curved, 5", 12 cm [Additional Info]: . http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/itm-curved-5-12-cm-acsry-to-k-nig-surgical-instruments-hemostat-halste.html H-B Instruments Hydrometer, 1.000 to 2.000 Specific Gravity, 0.01 Divisions, Plain Form http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/h-b-instruments-hydrometer-1-000-to-2-000-specific-gravity-0.html Each hydrometer is calibrated in a triple accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2005, A2LA accredited laboratory against equipment whose calibration is traceable to NIST. Individually packaged with a multi-language Statement of Accuracy indicating accuracy traceable to NIST. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/h-b-instruments-hydrometer-1-000-to-2-000-specific-gravity-0.html Chaney Instrument 14-Inch Copper Clock/Thermometer/Hygrometer http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-14-inch-copper-clock-thermometer-hygrometer.html This indoor/outdoor clock features quartz technology and reports more than just the time. This all in one wall unit also incorporates a hygrometer and thermometer into the case design. Clock frame is metal and as been finished in rich copper color. Plastic lens. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-14-inch-copper-clock-thermometer-hygrometer.html Clevereve's 14K White Gold Charm 3-D Musical Instruments 9.2 - Gram(s) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/clevereve-s-14k-white-gold-charm-3-d-musical-instruments-9.html Beautifully crafted Clevereve's gold jewelry is created in house. Our gold is of the finest quality, this piece is 14K gold and 9.2 grams in weight.This item takes 8-12 business days to produce.All weights are approximate and may vary slightly. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/clevereve-s-14k-white-gold-charm-3-d-musical-instruments-9.html Mogami Gold Instrument 10 Guitar/Instrument Cable, Straight Ends, 10 feet http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mogami-gold-instrument-10-guitar-instrument-cable-straight-ends-10-feet.html Straight end to straight end 1/4 connectors. Mogami Gold guitar cable allows uncommonly clear, accurate, transparent tone, with dead silent background and absolutely noise free handling. Use for any unbalanced instrument, pedals, patching, etc. Made using the finest connectors and assembly techniques, backed by our "no excuses" lifetime warranty. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/mogami-gold-instrument-10-guitar-instrument-cable-straight-ends-10-feet.html Porcelain Angel Musical Lg Waterglobe-Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/porcelain-angel-musical-lg-waterglobe-instruments.html Porcealin musical waterglobe features three angels playing instruments, Base reads "Angels Light the Way" accented in 14k Gold. Plays "Ave Maria" http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/porcelain-angel-musical-lg-waterglobe-instruments.html Musical Instrument Cutouts (3/pkg) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instrument-cutouts-3-pkg.html Musical Instrument Cutouts (3/pkg) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instrument-cutouts-3-pkg.html TIF Instruments TIFRX-1A Automatic Halogen Leak Detector http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/tif-instruments-tifrx-1a-automatic-halogen-leak-detector.html The revolutionary new Generation X line of TIF refrigerant leak detectors brings you tomorrows technology today. We not only changed the way our leak detectors look, but the way to look at leak detectors. Innovative MPC circuitry and Advanced Digital Signal Processing monitor the sensing tip up to 2000 times per second. Automatic reset, true mechanical pump, and visual indicators speed and simplify leak searches. A completely re-designed sensing tip increases sensitivity, improves reliability, and lasts twice as long as its predecessor. Detects all halogenated refrigerants and is certified to SAE J1627, CE approval, and is UL classified. The TIFRX-1A features variable frequency audible alarm, One touch reset, constant power indication, 14 inch (35.5 cm) flexible stainless steel probe with Teflon liner, six-segment visual leak size indicator, high and low sensitivity levels, true mechanical pump provides positive airflow through sensing tip, and tactile keypad controls. Cordless and portable and operates on two C-cell batteries which are included. Carrying case is included and there is an optional holster and optional reference leak source available. Two-year warranty. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/tif-instruments-tifrx-1a-automatic-halogen-leak-detector.html Chaney Instrument 00827 Wireless Weather Forecaster http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-00827-wireless-weather-forecaster.html This weather forecaster has a powerful wall penetrating wireless signal to monitor outdoor temperature and weather trend indicators with 9 weather icons. Also monitors indoor temperature and humidity. Includes self calibrating weather forecasting, and displays time and date. Easy to use sensor with 40 F. range. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-00827-wireless-weather-forecaster.html Chaney Instrument Galileo Thermometer with Glass Globe Barometer http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-galileo-thermometer-with-glass-globe-barometer.html This handsome unit uses a blend of old and new technology to interpret the weather. The Galileo thermometer is filled with a clear liquid that suspends multiple colored weights. As the liquid within the weights changes temperature their density changes allowing the weights to rise or fall. The lowest weight at the very top of the Galileo reflects the temperature. The glass water barometer indicates changes in the air temperature. A low fluid level in the glass spout generally means fair weather while a higher fluid level in the glass spout means foul weather approaches. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chaney-instrument-galileo-thermometer-with-glass-globe-barometer.html Fipple Bansuri Bamboo India Music Instrument Set of Seven Separate Flutes(bansuri2) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/fipple-bansuri-bamboo-india-music-instrument-set-of-seven-separate-flutes-bansuri2.html Bamboo Flutes from India, bansuri is a transverse alto flute made of a single length of bamboo with six or seven open finger holes. According to Wikipedia, bansuri is an ancient musical instrument associated with cowherds and the pastoral tradition. It is intimately linked to the love story of Krishna and Radha, and is depicted in Buddhist paintings from around 100 AD. It is intimately associated with Krishna's Rasa lila; the tunes on his flute are poetically associated with driving the women of Braj mad. The North Indian bansuri, typically about 14 inches long, was traditionally used as a soprano instrument primarily for accompaniment in lighter compositions including film music.<p>There are two varieties of bansuri: the transverse, and the fipple. The fipple variety is usually played in folk music and is held away from the lips like a whistle. Because of the flexibility and control it offers, the transverse variety is preferred in classical music.<p>Bansuris vary in length. They range from about 12 inches up to about 40 inches. 20-inch bansuris are common. Another common and similar Indian flute played in South India is the venu. The index, middle, and fourth fingers of both hands are usually used to play the six hole bansuri. For the seven hole bansuri, the fifth finger (pinky) of the right hand is usually used.<p>The flute has special significance in India because of its association with Lord Krishna. Numerous common names reflect these epitaphs; Venugopal, Bansilal, Murali, Muralidhar, etc. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/fipple-bansuri-bamboo-india-music-instrument-set-of-seven-separate-flutes-bansuri2.html Chavez - Toccata For Percussion Instruments - III. Allegro un poco marziale, vivo http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chavez-toccata-for-percussion-instruments-iii.html Chavez - Toccata For Percussion Instruments - III. Allegro un poco marziale, vivo http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/chavez-toccata-for-percussion-instruments-iii.html Davis Instruments Boating Guide Quick Reference Card http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/davis-instruments-boating-guide-quick-reference-card.html Covers all the basic procedures and equipment. Includes predeparture checklist, recommended equipment & spare parts, fueling procedures, engine troubleshooting, radio use, trailering, launching, anchoring, knot tying, water skiing hand signals. Gives rules of the U.S. Buoyage System and right-of-way. Helps in emergencies by covering distress signals, fire procedures, towing, weather warnings, first aid (hypothermia & CPR). http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/davis-instruments-boating-guide-quick-reference-card.html Instrument Of Praise http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/instrument-of-praise.html Instrument Of Praise http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/instrument-of-praise.html 50 Practice Suture Kit Non-Absorbable Variety Pack and 3 Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/50-practice-suture-kit-non-absorbable-variety-pack-and-3-instruments.html Included are 3 stainless steel instruments. 1 Littauer scissor, 1 adson forcep, and 1 Iris scissor.For teaching and research, contains a variety of non-absorbable suturesAvailable in a variety of sizes and needles. Out dated but in original sterile packaging. Absolutely no choice of material, size or needle. Comes with 3 stainless steel instruments.NO RETURNS ACCEPTED ON THIS PRODUCTTEACHING, RESEARCH, VET USE ONLY. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/50-practice-suture-kit-non-absorbable-variety-pack-and-3-instruments.html Monster S100-I-12 Standard 100 1/4-Inch Instrument Cable (12 Feet) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/monster-s100-i-12-standard-100-1-4-inch-instrument-cable-12-feet.html Monster Standard 100 Instrument Cable is the first step into a world of flawlessly detailed guitar and bass sound. Precision windings and heavy gauge construction give your sound more presence, wider frequency response, and excellent dynamic range. Dense spiral copper with special dielectric minimizes handling noise. Extra-flexible jacket endures extended stage and studio use. Reinforced connectors stand up to rugged use whether you're gigging, tracking in the studio, or jamming in the garage. Monster 100 Series Features & Specifications Precision coaxial design for accurate frequency response and wide dynamic range.90% coverage copper-braided shield rejects RFI and EMI for a lower noise floor and increased resolution. Carbon-infused dielectric reduces micro phonic pops and cracks for a noise-free cable design. IsoTec vibration technology further reduces handling noise. Extra-flexible duraflex outer jacket for superior reliability and cut resistance. Interchangeable, coloring attaches to each connector for customized identification. New heavy-duty, molded connector design increases durability and resists damage. Hard chrome contact 1/4 inch connectors are durable and corrosion resistant. Professionals recognize that the quality of cable in a sound system can dramatically affect, for better or worse, an entire mix, or an instrument's tone. When you're ready to settle for nothing less than premium cable, Monster is the name to turn to. Available in 3 grades, all Monster Cables are known for incredibly pure sound quality. On a budget? Monster Standard 100 instrument, mic and speaker cables deliver improved performance at an affordable price. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/monster-s100-i-12-standard-100-1-4-inch-instrument-cable-12-feet.html RAM Instrument Watch RAMW41100R Dive Watch, Red Face (41100 Series) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ram-instrument-watch-ramw41100r-dive-watch-red-face-41100-series.html RAM Instrument RAM Watch RAMW41100R Dive Watch, Red Face (41100 Series)Black Resin Case and bezel with a durable, and stylish PU strap. 200 Meter water resistant case with stainless steel back. Easy-to-read luminous hands and markers make it easy view time, even in total darkness. Rugged Japanese quartz movement easily stands up to everyday use and continues to reliably function. Uni-directional bezel with luminous reference point and 5 minute indicators. Date window. Anti-scratch mineral glass crystal. Red face. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/ram-instrument-watch-ramw41100r-dive-watch-red-face-41100-series.html Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/lord-make-me-an-instrument-of-thy-peace.html Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/lord-make-me-an-instrument-of-thy-peace.html Varèse: The Complete Works http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/var-se-the-complete-works.html For a composer who is (now) recognizably part of the 20th-century classical canon, the French migr Edgard Varse's output was astoundingly meager. Just 15 compositions from his entire life (he destroyed the compositions from his early years, and was a merciless editor of his own material in general) made it out to the listening world. Varse was caught in the chasm between the music of yesterday and the music of tomorrow: scoring music for modified theremin, steamboat whistles, or air sirens, all balanced with the force of a large orchestra; writing pieces based on the flows of water and wind because that's what shapes the earth; using the concepts of chemical reactions and specific gravity as a basis for his music. Using extremes of contrast, dissonance, and variety in sound, Varse's pieces had power in the way he attacked and shaped the sound he imagined. From <I>Ionisation</I> (1929), scored almost entirely for unpitched percussion, to the electronic-only, three-dimensionally produced <I>Poeme Electronique</I> (1958), he's provided a foundation that many genres, musicians, and composers were to build from not only for the next 40 years, but inevitably beyond. <I>--Robin Edgerton</I> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/var-se-the-complete-works.html Hair Cutting Barber Scissors 7.5" Professional Instruments- http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/hair-cutting-barber-scissors-7.html ?7 1/2" ?Satin Finish ?Ice Tempered http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/hair-cutting-barber-scissors-7.html Musical Instruments Stickers (Dover Little Activity Books) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instruments-stickers-dover-little-activity-books.html Sixteen sticker images of popular musical instruments: trumpet, tuba, drum, tambourine, electric guitar, classical harp, or any of ten more. Great for decorating notebooks, lunch boxes and other flat surfaces.<br> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/musical-instruments-stickers-dover-little-activity-books.html Tune Buddies - Getting to Know the Instruments [VHS] http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/tune-buddies-getting-to-know-the-instruments-vhs.html Tune Buddies - Getting to Know the Instruments [VHS] http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/tune-buddies-getting-to-know-the-instruments-vhs.html Tour Bus to the King of Instruments: It's Music http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/tour-bus-to-the-king-of-instruments-it-s-music.html First in a series. TourBus to the King of Instruments, it's music, people and places.Travel with Carol arond the world.Savor Carol's live performances from the Spreckels Organ in Balboa Park, San Diego: the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Los Angeles: Covenant Presbyterian Church in Fort Myers, Florida and St. Mary's Church in Andover, England.SPECIAL INTERVIEWS BY CAROL WITH:Carlo Curley, International Concert OrganistCraig Whitney, Asst. Managing Editor, New York TimesJerry Sanders, Mayor of San Diego, CAPLUS, some fascinating side trips with filming of picturesque historical places! To conclude the program, we visit the famous Shakespeare's Pub & Grill in San Diego. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/tour-bus-to-the-king-of-instruments-it-s-music.html Instrument Soundtrack http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/instrument-soundtrack.html Instrument Soundtrack http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/instrument-soundtrack.html DANGER LASER RADIATION DO NOT STARE INTO BEAM OR VIEW DIRECTLY WITH OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS CLASS 3R LASER (W/GRAPHIC) Sign - 10" x 14" Dura-Fiberglass http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/danger-laser-radiation-do-not-stare-into-beam-or-view-directly-with-optical-instruments-class-3r-laser-w-graphic-sign-10-x-14-dura-fiberglass.html <BR>DANGER LASER RADIATION DO NOT STARE INTO BEAM OR VIEW DIRECTLY WITH OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS CLASS 3R LASER (W/GRAPHIC) Sign - 10" x 14" Dura-Fiberglass. DURA-FIBERGLASS (XF). Extra tough and durable! Providing superior strength and durability, Dura Fiberglass withstands abrasions, impacts, corrosion, and chemicals. Material Features: Vinyl sign is permanently bonded to a rigid thick fiberglass backing. Protected by 2-mil high-gloss UV polyester over-laminate film. Superior strength and durability. Service temperature range: -20F to 140F. Rounded corners and 3/16" mounting holes. 10 year manufacturer guarantee. Safety Signs<BR> http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/danger-laser-radiation-do-not-stare-into-beam-or-view-directly-with-optical-instruments-class-3r-laser-w-graphic-sign-10-x-14-dura-fiberglass.html Precision Instruments PREC3FR250F 1/2" Dr. "Split Beam" Torque Wrench w/Flex head (40-250 Ft./Lbs) http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/flex-head-40-250-ft.html Split-Beam Click Wrenches overcome many of the problems associated with micrometer-style click wrenches in abusive environments. The wrench has few components, and all critical parts are welded together at assembly. There is no need to "work in" a C series torque wrench before using it the first time. Nor is it necessary to adjust to the lowest torque setting after use. Setting the tool requires only fingertip force since the adjustment mechanism is not under load. Extremely Accurate-Accurate within 4% of reading from 20% of full scale to full scale. Guaranteed against defect in workmanship and materials for 1 year from the date of delivery providing that they have been used according to instructions. Setting torque on adjustable wrenches is fast and easy because there is no spring tension on the adjustment knob. Torque setting locks on adjustable wrenches for repetitive applications. The wrench length is designed to provide the leverage required for maximum torque applications. The length also provides the needed reach for those-hard-to-get-at places. Plastic molded storage case, calibration certificate, and instructions included. Specifications: Square Drive: 1/2" drive, flex-head Range: 40-250 lb. ft. Overall Length: 21-9/16" Effective Length: 19" Width: 1-5/8" Head Height (without square): 3/4" Weight: 3.39 lbs. Weight w/plastic case: 4.33 lbs. Finish: Nickel / Chrome Ratchet Service Kit: R33BF-RK http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/flex-head-40-250-ft.html Hohner 6 Piece Rhythm Instrument Set http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/hohner-6-piece-rhythm-instrument-set.html Time to strike up the band! All you need to have your own rhythm band party is included in this complete set. Includes; 6" tambourine, rhythm sticks, nylon wrist bell, wood sounder, 5" triangle with striker. Includes songs and activities to use with all the instruments. Comes with a canvas carry and storage bag, making a wonderful gift! http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/hohner-6-piece-rhythm-instrument-set.html Little Mozart's Tiny Orchestra-Play Instruments http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/little-mozart-s-tiny-orchestra-play-instruments.html If your pets could play music, they'd love these instruments! This impressive collection of seven tiny replicas measure from 2- to 5-inches in size, and provide hours of earsplitting entertainment for the budding virtuoso in your family. And for parents, a pair of soft rubber earplugs are included so you won't have to listen to the ear-scratching noise created by these wonderful creations! http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/little-mozart-s-tiny-orchestra-play-instruments.html Graham Field Deluxe Dissecting Kit, Contains 11 Instruments, 1/Ea, GHF2885 http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/graham-field-deluxe-dissecting-kit-contains-11-instruments-1-ea-ghf2885.html Kit includes: Surgical scissors straight. Surgical scissors curved. Tissue forceps. Thumb forceps. Handle #3. Handle #4. Pointed needle. Arrow needle & chain hook. Pouch. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/graham-field-deluxe-dissecting-kit-contains-11-instruments-1-ea-ghf2885.html A Complete Guide to Brass Instruments and Techniques http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/a-complete-guide-to-brass-instruments-and-techniques.html This authoritative guide provides all the pedagogical, historical, and technical material necessary for the successful instruction of brass. Chapters discuss the historical development of individual brass instruments and focus on technique, including guidance for teachers and a complete method for brass playing. Individual instrument chapters include lists of recommended study material and reference sources. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/a-complete-guide-to-brass-instruments-and-techniques.html Instrument of War - Part 1 - Ladies From Hell http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/instrument-of-war-part-1-ladies-from-hell.html 'Ladies From Hell' was a title given to the fierce kilted Highlanders by their enemies. The use of the bagpipe in war is very ancient among the Celtic people and this film traces the story from the 'braveheart' days of William Wallace to the seige of the Alamo and from the battle of the Clans to the twentieth century carnage of WWI. Instrument of War is the most comprehensive film history of the Great Highland Bagpipe ever made. Narrated by Tom Conti, Hannah Gordon and Charlton Heston, the series features Phil Collins, Jackie Stewart, Capercaillie and the Prince of Wales, as well as war veterans, historians and musicians from around the world. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/instrument-of-war-part-1-ladies-from-hell.html *5, Ge, Automotive, Miniature, Indicator, #193, Bulk, Bulbs, Are, 1.06" Long, Clear, Light Bulb, Is 14 Volts, Mini, Light Bulbs, Mini Bulb, Is Wedge Based, For, Auto, Instruments, Boats, Cars, Trucks, Rv's, 193, Miniature Bulb, No Boxes, [Book], Ucp043168 http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/5-ge-automotive-miniature-indicator-193-bulk-bulbs-are-1.html *5, Ge, Automotive, Miniature, Indicator, #193, Bulk, Bulbs, Are, 1.06" Long, Clear, Light Bulb, Is 14 Volts, Mini, Light Bulbs, Mini Bulb, Is Wedge Based, For, Auto, Instruments, Boats, Cars, Trucks, Rv's, 193, Miniature Bulb, No Boxes, [Book], Ucp043168199216 http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/5-ge-automotive-miniature-indicator-193-bulk-bulbs-are-1.html Virtual Instrument: Virtual Bouzouki by AKKI PLUGS http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/virtual-instrument-virtual-bouzouki-by-akki-plugs.html Virtual Bouzouki is a Greek bouzouki sample library that with it's realistic sound and it's many functions will spread the Greek spirit around the world! Virtual Bouzouki is a Kontakt Player instrument based on advanced script programming and has different playing styles and techniques which gives you a brilliant sound.One of the features which give you an amazingly realistic playing experience is the fact that you can control which way the notes pass and which string is being used by using the modulation wheel.The Virtual Bouzouki sample library loads all kinds of tremolos which you can change the speed of in real-time with the modulation wheel. The user can also trigger keyswitches to play either Polyphonic or Monophonic. Polyphonic is used when the player doesn't want any hammer on or pull of:s. Monophonic uses hammer on and pull of up to a range of a major 3rd.Another realistic feature is the way Virtual Bouzouki handles the plectrum stroke. A bouzouki-player chooses to play every other down and up. The Virtual Bouzouki is programmed to play only down when the user plays slow notes, but in fast playing it playes every other down and up. That way it avoids the 'machine-gun' sounding effect! Of course you can trigger 'plectrum down' if you want that feeling.The Virtual Bouzouki includes different effects under the main menu called 'perform'. Here you can choose the hand position of the plectrum and the thickness of the plectrum. There is also eq, reverb, delay, compressor and a help menu for fast explanation of the keyswitch-positions. http://www.instrumentsfunstore.com/virtual-instrument-virtual-bouzouki-by-akki-plugs.html